New Magento extension - SEO Toolkit

Amasty team is proud to announce the release of the new complex Magento extension – Magento SEO Toolkit.

Being a powerful e-commerce platform with a wide range of features available out of the box, Magento has a limited number of settings when it comes to e-commerce SEO. Unfortunately, some features can be even dangerous from Google’s point of view.

Magento SEO extension

That’s why we offered several SEO extensions before. Now, adding two more extensions to the team, we’re introducing Magento SEO Toolkit – a powerful collection of features from 7 SEO extensions. With this tool, you’ll be able to tune every setting of your store to make it as SEO friendly as possible.

Drive traffic through rich snippets
Google Rich Snippets for Magento
Google Rich Snippets provides more information about your products right on the SERP page, improving your traffic, CTR, and exposure.
Rich Pins will help you to get even more sales and traffic from Pinterest, which is the best social network for merchants in terms of sales. Twitter Cards extends your product presentation so Twitter users know more about your goods without leaving the social network.
Rich Pins for Magento Twitter Cards for Magento

Master meta tags in no time

 Meta tags are an irreplaceable part of any SEO extension. Being a ranking factor for search engines, some of them present your page in search results (people see your title and description in the SERP), and some of them give instructions for correct indexing of your catalog. Meta Tags Templates saves your time; tuning every possible meta tags has become as fast as a mouse click.

Meta Tags Templates for Magento


  • Meta info, keywords and H1 tag for products & categories
  • Generate short and full product descriptions
  • Create meta tags for any store page by URL
  • Flexible templates with advanced parsing options
  • Set <noindex> or <nofollow> for site pages
Upgrade your sitemaps in several clicks

Create an advanced HTML sitemap and make it useful for both Google and your visitors.
Magento HTML sitemap
Upgrade your XML sitemap with features needed for e-commerce. This SEO tool will also make your sitemap meeting Google requirements.XML Sitemap for Magento

Get more visitors with product tags
SEO product tags for Magento

Make your product tags bring you rankings and traffic!
  • easily import and export tag lists
  • create search friendly URLs for Magento product tags
  • get traffic from long-tail keywords

Manage SEO-friendly reviews

Make native Magento reviews SEO friendly with this part of SEO Toolkit extension.

  • Display customer reviews right on product page
  • Avoid content duplication
  • Create SEO-friendly URLs for review pages
  • Boost more traffic on product pages
  • Make your navigation more user-friendly
Take control over product URLS

Very often your store items can be included into 2 or more categories, thereby creating Magento duplicate content which is not favored by search engines.

With the Unique Product URL, which is an SEO extension section, it’s possible to easily manage the way to use category in product URLs in Magento by selecting one URL path for each product even if it’s placed in numerous store categories. You may choose any path or any default category to be displayed, still the product will be available from any category it’s added to.

Here's how the extension works if you choose the longest URL path.

Here’s how the extension works if you choose the longest URL path.