New extension - Magento Store Credit
Say hello to the new Magento extension – Store Credit from Amasty.

Provide registered customers with a flexible credit system. Let them spend their credit balance on product purchase or easily share it with friends

Magento Store Credit features

Main features

Enable credit system for your Magento store

The extension adds store credit functionality to your shop. Now customers have their virtual balance, load it up, spend it, receive refunds as store credit, and more.

Add store balance to Magento

Let customers share their credit balance

Now your customers can share their Magento credit with other registered or non-registered users. Once they do that, the receiver gets an email notification and is able to spend the credit money after logging in or registering.
Share Magento store credit

Let customers control their balance

The store credit module lets them see all credit transactions history and receive notifications about balance updates.


Control Magento credit balance

Turn refunds into future sales

With Magento Store Credit module you’ll be able to make quick refunds for orders payed with store credit. What is more, refunding money to the credit balance means the customer will buy from you again.

Magento store credit refund

Enjoy flexible price options

  • Set fixed amounts for adding store credit
  • Enable customers to specify credit amount
  • Use both types simultaneously
  • Offer discounts for adding store credit

Magento store credit price

Manage Magento credit balances fast and easy

  • add or deduct credits of individual customers
  • bulk update credit balances
  • view credit transactions history of any customer

Magento store credit

  • see absolutely all credit transactions on your store thanks to Credit Transactions History Grid, where you can track all the possible Magento credit movements, such as
    • Payment for a particular order (with the order number);
    • Balance update by admin (in case the balance was manually updated by the admin user);
    • Refund of a particular order (with the order number);
    • Received from friend X (in case when one of the customers shared his/her balance);
    • Credit purchase plus the order number.

Issue Magento credits when creating orders from backend

If you create the order from backend, you can use store credit as payment for the order. If the customer doesn’t have any credits, just go and update his account.
Issue Magento store credit when creating orders from backend