Magento tools from Amasty: download for free

Hello Amasty blog readers!
As we share some free useful Magento tools from time to time, we decided they should have a cosy home where they can chill out together. Here’s a collection of free downloadable tools for many purposes, and we’ll timely update this post if anything new appears.

1. How to backup a Magento store: tutorial + script

Did you know that there are two types of shop owners? Those who backup their stores and those who already backup their stores. It may sound funny at first, but you actually realize the value of the lost data only when you lose it forever.

Learn backup basics and download a script to automate your backup process:


2. Magento Modified Core Files Report by Amasty

It happens that developers modify Magento core files, but this practice is what you should avoid at any costs.

If you’re unsure about the source of troubles on your store after someone’s customization or installation of third-party modules, or if you’re a developer and need to quickly check if the Magento core files are untouched, the Modified Core Files Report will help you.


3. How to display bestselling products in Magento + source code

Say, you need to show the most popular items on your Home page or Category View page.

Unfortunately, there’s no such default feature in Magento, but you can easily do this yourself.


4. How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento + bonus

If you’re going to switch your Magento store to HTTPS, download this free checklist of all necessary actions – it will help you to run through all the points.


5. Download the files to create Magento orders/customers programmatically

If you’re working with Magento , most probably you’ll face a situation when you need existing fake orders, and there are none at the moment. It’s not relevant to create orders (or customers) using the Magento interface, as you can do it programmatically, which takes less time and effort.


6. A free extension to create simple and configurable products for tests

There are cases when we need to create products programmatically, or manually. For example, you may need it to create plenty of products to test a shop’s performance.


7. Download the example Magento 2 extension and learn to build it

Learn how to build a very simple Magento extension and download an example module to learn how it actually works.


8. Create InstallSchema from MySQL dump

This simple tool will save you some time, if you’re a Magento developer and if you create extensions with a significant amount of database tables.


8. Magento 2 orders generator

If you are a Magento 2 developer, some day and not even once you’ll need to create a certain amount of Magento 2 orders, and preferably programmatically, as manual creating of a bigger number of orders can be time consuming and simply inconvenient.

We created this Magento 2 order generator for the needs of Amasty team and decided to share it with you.


Do you have any suggestions about the how-to articles we should publish? Feel free to share your ideas in comments.