New Magento extension - two factor authentication

Introducing the new Magento extension – Two-Factor Authentication.

Protect your store from key loggers, network data sniffing, unsecured wifi connections, and other threats. Use password and the security code from your smartphone to enhance admin security. Make sure only authorized users access admin panel.


Why do you need two factor authentication?

Unfortunately, even a strong password can’t guarantee your Magento store security. A weak password can be brute forced, a strong password can be stolen with the help of various apps that catch what you type, and if someone stores a password on a paper or electronic medium, it can also trap into bad guys’ hands, which may lead to private data loss.

Two step authentication allows to keep your store safe even if your password was stolen or brute forced. For secure login to Magento, you will need to use your mobile device, but the attacker doesn’t have access to it.

Magento security extension

The biggest companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook use two factor authentication for access to their services, and you should use it too.

 Main features to keep your Magento store safe:

 1. Enable two factor authentication for your Magento store

Make sure your Magento store’s secure even if someone gets access to your password.

Magento security code
2. Enhance the power of the security code

The security code is valid for 30 seconds and can be used only once. This adds to your Magento store’s security; even if a bad guy somehow gets access to your security code, it will appear to be useless to him in 30 seconds or after you logged in yourself.

Generating Magento security code
3. Log in without the security code from safe locations

If you regularly log in from safe locations, add their IPs to the white list. Your Magento store won’t ask for a security code if you log in from a trusted place like your home or office.

Security code whilte list
4. Manage security levels

Turn on or off the two step authentication for certain Magento users.

Enable security code for users
This Magento Two Factor Authentication extension is compatible with iPhone (iOS 3.1+), iPad, iPod touch, Android (1.5+) and BlackBerry (OS 4.5-6.0) smartphones. Please make sure your device is able to run the Google Authenticator application.