Magento e-commerce platform is highly praised for being open-source and rather perceptive to 3rd-party tools. Nevertheless, at times native Magento capacities are not enough to solve specific e-commerce business challenges. 

For this very reason, store owners choose to go for custom web development to have a store that fully reflects their needs and prevent potential troubles.

But what exactly does ‘custom web development’ mean? Below we explain how we see it at Amasty. 


Need help with custom development? 

Magento website development: what’s in?

As a store owner, you may view Magento website development as the work of some tech-savvy devs who use their skills to cover your requirements and solve your business challenges. However, this is not exactly correct. Magento website development covers a range of tasks that we don’t always see as developers’ efforts.

Below we present the tasks we include in Magento web development and customization.

Installation and Configuration

These 2 services aim at making our product suit your business best. Both efforts start with a discussion where you can put forward your requirements. This helps our experts clearly see the specifics of your e-commerce business and work out a custom approach.

Our extensions are highly flexible, and whatever the business specifics, it’s possible to make the modules cover your business needs. Just see how our partners from Mobecls managed to customize Magento 2 modules by Amasty for very specific stores.

Magento migration

‘Again?’, you might think. Hold on, it’s not about migrating from Magento to Magento 2.

Say, your store sells well, and you decide to sell to a larger audience expanding your offer. You stuff the store with more product pages, and it just goes down. 

What’s wrong?

The problem is, your server capacity is not enough to cater to a larger store, so you need to relocate (migrate) to another hosting solution. And another problem, the migration may go wrong and cost you business-critical data. That’s why going to professionals in this case is a wise step. 

Amasty experts have all the necessary skills and knowledge to make the transfer seamless and trouble-free. As for data loss, we offer our customers a test migration. It means that before the final relocation, you can review our work and make sure the store is fully functional.

Server configuration and optimization

Successful migration to another server doesn’t guarantee seamless store operation. To perform well and avoid irritating the customers with long page load, the server needs to be configured by professionals. Optimization, the effort alike, is needed in case the store is under-performing.

Security-related efforts

E-stores deal with extremely sensitive customer information such as financial data, personal details and more. In 2018, e-stores made target of about 70% of hacking attacks. No wonder store owners prefer to avoid risks and go an extra mile for ensuring security. But what exactly is to be done?

We offer 2 security-related services: 

SSL setup

How do you choose whether to connect to a site or avoid it? Most likely, you look at https protocol preceding the domain name. This protocol is a hallmark of secure websites covered by SSL certificates. These certificates are small data files you need to install on the server to protect the store data and ensure the security of connection between a browser and a web server. 

SSL setup requires advanced system administration skills, and it’s better to trust it to professionals. 

Security patch setup

Magento cares about their customers and regularly provides security patches to make sure Magento stores are safely sealed. 

Just like Magento, we care about our customers and are ready to install patches on your website without troubles. Just you need to provide us with SSH access and creditials to access your store.

 No worries, the credentials are sent via a custom tool that doesn’t work outside our office. We guarantee that the login and password won’t leak.

What if the patch installation breaks the store down? 

No worries, our developers first implement patches to the file copies the sandbox. Only if the sandbox file are unharmed they work on the webstore.

Elasticsearch installation

Fast and accurate search is critical for conversion. The more relevant search results are to the shopper’s query, the faster they decide to buy.

So you decided to streamline your in-store search? We’ve got an offer for you.

Make in-store search tolerant to misprints, support synonyms and auto-complete the queries.

Help shoppers make a purchase decision!

So you’ve purchased the module, but it doesn’t work? 

There’s another prep effort required – Elasticsearch installation on your server. The packages to be used for installation depend on the system installed on your server . 

You doubt your sys admin skills? 

We are here to help you out. Just drop us a line and consider the job done.

A bonus: new store challenges and how to solve them?

New stores face a range of challenges: 

  • #1 Getting traffic to the site. Standing out in Google search is a tough task for a freshly-baked store. SEO optimization can help, but it requires extra time and efforts.
  • #2 Esuring positive UX.  OK, you’ve made it to the 1st page of Google search results, and customers come to your store. Now you have to make them stay and purchase.
  • #3 Motivating shoppers for repeat purchases. Occasional purchases are not enough for steady income. How to turn them into a constant flow?

🙁 Seems like all these challenges lead to more tasks requiring time and money investments. Of course, there are various Magento 2 modules that can simplify this work for you. But how to choose the right ones?

We’ve got it covered with a 5-in-1 solution! See the details below.

Save yourself the beginner troubles! Check our 5-in-one Starter Pack for Magento 2. With the pack you will:

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