New Magento extension - XML Google Sitemap

Happy to introduce you a new SEO extension from the SEO ToolkitXML Google Sitemap.

Create an XML Sitemap for your site in an easy and efficient way. Help Google to correctly index your web store and increase positions in search results.

New Magento extension - XML Google SItemap

Main features

1. Extend Magento XML sitemap features

Native Magento XML sitemap is very simple and doesn’t contain the features you really need for your e-commerce store.

With this extension you’ll be able to:

  • Include product, category, CMS pages and tags into the sitemap
  • Add any extra links
  • Add images to the sitemap and use templates for image titles

XML Google sitemap settings

2. Follow Google XML sitemaps guidelines

Google has certain guidelines for XML sitemaps. For example, a sitemap file can’t contain more than 50,000 URLs and must be no larger than 50 MB uncompressed. The new Google Sitemap extension allows you to follow these guidelines.

Magento XML Google Sitemap settings

3. Prioritize indexing

XML Google Sitemap extension adds the date of the last page modification so that Google indexes or reindexes pages with recently changed content in the first place.