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Magento Imagine 2019

If you have missed Magento Imagine 2019 in Las Vegas, here is a quick overview of the most exciting news from this event. 

#1. Magento Excellence Awards and 2019 Magento Masters

The best merchants, developers, and partners are awarded every year on Magento Imagine in categories like leadership, innovation, teamwork, and business impact. Find out who made it to the final this time and achieved the wanted trophy.

#2. Main thoughts of Magento Imagine 2019

What key questions discussed you need to know?

  • Magento and Adobe expect their users to optimize businesses whatever sizes they are by using a customer-experience approach.
  • Google and Amazon sales channels integration is already in progress, read about this in detail below.
  • PWA technology is picking up. And today it’s known about Braintree payments integration into PWA Studio and additional implementations into the app like Page Builder and native Magento Order Management.

In this article, you can find a review of all 3 days of the event: main ideas and insights. 

#3. Adobe started integration with Amazon and Google

Adobe announced a series of updates to Magento and one of the main is collaborating with Amazon Sales Channel and Google Shopping Ads Channel.

Being selling on  Amazon, you’ll manage to open your own branded stores on Magento 2. The pros are obvious – a quick integration of your catalog and listings management right from Magento admin panel.

What are the key benefits?

  • Smart pricing/pricing rules;
  • Listing management;
  • Multiple Amazon accounts;
  • Fulfillment and order management.

And integration with Google will allow you to manage the ad right in Magento 2 admin. This means that you’ll be able to set a daily budget and even let the machine learning manage the products to advertise, target a needed audience and choose what ad to use.

Magento Trends 2019

What will be on the top for Magento 2 in 2019-2020?

There are 4 main directions:

#1. Optimization

The competition is increasing every day, and more and more sellers started realizing the importance of optimization. Top-performing customer-oriented sites will get more traffic, thus the role of optimization techniques already increases. To move with the times, use our Google Page Speed Optimizer and read our beginner’s guide to Magento 1 & Magento 2 optimization.

#2. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The future is for PWA’s. This January Adobe added the PWA Studio to Magento. And Magento community has already shown the first results of the use of technology. Read our whys and wherefores to understand if to use Magento PWA in your store.

#3. Personalization and user experience

Usability and convenient design come first for e-commerce today. Companies make sure that their sites are easy to navigate and interact with. Have you already chosen your navigation mod? If no, answer to these 9 simple Qs, and we will send you a perfect mod for your Magento.  

#4. Migration to Magento 2

Want to change Magento 1 or any other platform to Magento 2 but have many questions? Find answers to all of them in this Magento article:

  • Magento 2 benefits;
  • Why you need to migrate to M2;
  • What to expect from the migration process;
  • What version of Magento 2 to choose and more.

To protect against all the migration pitfalls, read about riskless migration in our M1EOL: Plan migration to Magento 2 carefully post.

#5. Magento stats & facts

If you just start your way of using Magento or only think about giving it a try this article will perform you some interesting facts about this powerful CMS. Here are just some of them:

  • Shops that use Magento grow 3 times faster;
  • Magento takes 1.2% of the Internet;
  • Over 250 000 sites use Magento today;
  • Ford, Omega Watches, Christian Louboutin, and Bulgari use Magento;
  • More than 4,000 extensions are today on Magento Marketplace and the widest range of them you can find at Amasty’s store;
  • 200 000 that is the number of Magento developers worldwide.

#6. How to build a community around your business like Magento?

Magento is not only a CMS for your store. It is a big community. It started as a few Magento users making independent events. But today it grew up into a massive number of conferences, hackathons, workshops and other events oriented to the exchange of experience in the sphere of e-commerce. If you want to build a strong community around your business, product or service, learn how to make it work from Magento insights.

Latest security update

You might know that Magento found a vulnerability that allows disclosing the admin panel URL. If not, you may say that the issue doesn’t seem to be critical, though hackers can use it for automating their attacks. Therefore, here is the link to the security patch. Hurry up and protect your Magento CE or EE against potential attackers.

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