How to Manage Return Requests with Amasty RMA M2 Version 2.0.0

manage refunds with rma for magento 2
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Online shopping has some risks for your customers. They can't touch and view goods as they do it in offline stores. They can only see pictures, videos, and read reviews. And there's always a risk that package can be lost or damaged during delivery. Sooner or later, each seller faces the need to build an efficient Magento 2 RMA process. And we are happy to introduce you to our new version of the Magento 2 RMA extension with free updates, which will make this process smoother! Today we will show the main changes and how you can use them to reach your e-commerce goals.

What RMA stands for in Magento 2 and why do you need to automate it?

Answering the “What RMA stands for in Magento 2?” question: RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. This tool is used in Magento stores to provide customers with an order refund, repair, or replacement services. RMA is important for any business because this is the opportunity to correct their faults and avoid the return of the orders. They can offer alternative solutions to reduce costs.

There are 4 main goals you can reach if you give RMA a try:

  • Make your customers feel confident. If they see the return option, users feel secure at your store.
  • Increase store reputation and customer loyalty. RMA is an indicator pf products and service quality. And good reviews will increase customer trust.
  • Offer different options for return request. You can minimize your costs by offering alternative solutions for the problem. Replacement or repairment can be more valuable for your clients.
  • Save money in the long-term. Every return request is a great opportunity to learn an important lesson. They help you grow and extend your business if you analyze received data constantly.

So what new Amasty RMA features can help you reach this goal?

Manage Magento RMA process from one place

Our RMA module allows you to set seamless work for your admins with returns requests. It has the following management features:

  • RMA rules. Create different return, repair, and exchange periods for your products or set RMA restrictions for goods on promo. Show this information in an additional tab on the product page or in the shopping cart.
  • The Manage Requests grid. Make admins work faster. Show only orders that require their attention and archive closed disputes. Also, your Magento admins can make a partial refund and split the requests.
  • Quick responses. They allow you to answer to your customers with pre-made templates and process more tickets in less time.
  • Admin notifications. Sometimes admins can forget to change the status of the requests. In this case, the customer won't receive an e-mail with all the needed information. Our plugin has a pop-up notification to avoid this. It reminds admins to change the status if they have made changes in the ticket.
  • RMA policy. This is a document where you can describe all the RMA details and conditions. This will help you avoid additional questions and keep your users informed. Make the RMA Policy agreement an obligatory point of the RMA process.
  • RMA customers reviews. After the request is resolved, the customer can estimate your service and leave a comment. This will help to see the quality of your managers' work, customer satisfaction and improve the order return process in your Magento 2.

User experience

Of course, if we are talking about customer loyalty, we need to take a look at the online refund process from the clients’ side. So in the new RMA version for Magento 2, we have added features for customers too.

  • Detailed instructions. Clarify each step of the order return process for your Magento customers. Also, you can add the documents, for example, RMA policy, to it.
  • Print shipping label. It may happen that the customer received defective goods. In this case, you can exchange them with new items. You can pay for postal services and send a shipping label to the client.
  • Tracking Number. When a customer sends the goods back to the store, they can insert the tracking number and choose the carrier. Also, admins can manage the tracking number from the RMA page.
  • Direct RMA links. Sometimes clients ask about returns by phone or in a live chat on your website. So it is convenient to create the request in the admin panel and send them a link where they can track all the details of the RMA process.
  • Contact store administrator. Sometimes customers have questions at the RMA starting process. So it will be better to place contact info.
  • Live chat. It allows customers to communicate with the manager and clarify the return details in real time. You can send not only messages but also pictures, documents and other files in this chat.
October 8, 2019
October 9, 2019
September 26, 2019
October 15, 2019
Is it the same RMA but upgraded?
Polina Litreyeva
October 15, 2019
Hello there. Yes, it is. We have made a big update of this mod and you can improve the version in your account.
October 22, 2019
How can I create a restriction? I don’t want to allow customers to return promo orders.
Polina Litreyeva
October 22, 2019
Hi! You need to go to <strong>Admin Panel>Sales>RMA Settings>Return Rules</strong>. Click the<strong> Add New Rule</strong> button. If you want to restrict returning products that were promoted, set the resolution periods to 0, and choose the needed condition.
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