Meet Amasty Loyalty Program! How to save more on extensions

Hello, Amasty clients!

We have some great news for our existing and future customers. To say thank you for being with us this year and for our future collaboration, we’ve launched Amasty Loyalty Program.

How it works

The more you spend – the less you spend!

We count all your orders for the last 12 months. Depending on the money spent, we give you a level of loyalty and offer discounts on future orders.


How to see your loyalty level and discount

Just log into your account – as simple as that.

There you will see the money you spent on Amasty extensions, your current discount and the sum you need to spend to upgrade to the new loyalty level.

Amasty loyalty program dashboard

  • Amasty Loyalty Program is applicable to all your previous orders for the last 12 months
  • Your spent amount is calculated from the total amount of completed orders
  • All custom payments are excluded from the Loyalty Program
  • All refunds during the last 12 months are excluded from the total spent amount
  • If you’re applying a promo code for Amasty extensions and you already have a discount provided by Loyalty Program, only the biggest discount will be chosen and applied to your order.

Find more information about the program here, or just go to your account and check your loyalty level.