Meet Magento Serbia 2016

For the first time this year, Serbia is hosting the international Meet Magento conference. Scheduled for June 10th, the first Meet Magento Serbia happens in city of Niš, thus spreading the Magento spirit to a new country.

Who is coming to Meet Magento Serbia?

Meet Magento Serbia is one of the leading e-commerce conferences in the country, but certainly the one and only for Magento platform. This year’s conference will host more than 200 attendees, mostly people who currently work with Magento (Magento and PHP developers), and also developers working with other e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, e-commerce is still an emerging industry in Serbia. Many businesses have turned online, but there is still lack of information about how to be successful in e-commerce. So, Meet Magento Serbia will also be a great place for merchants (retailers), system providers (payment and hosting companies), extension developers and online marketers. This year’s official speakers will make sure that the conference covers all necessary topics and provides lots of information, knowledge and fun.

How to get to Meet Magento Serbia?

Meet Magento conference takes place in City of Niš, the biggest city in South-Eastern Serbia. Niš has been known as the center of electronics and quality professionals. It is only 250 kilometers away from the capital, Belgrade, but it also has to offer a lot to its visitors.

One of the things this city will offer is a one-day conference with a great cocktail-party and excellent opportunity to learn, network and have fun. During February you can get your special early bird ticket for amazing price of 49€.  Just go to tickets menu, fill in the form and order your ticket for Meet Magento Serbia today!

What is Younify’s role in Meet Magento conference?

Younify d.o.o. is a Magento specialist company with headquarters in Niš. People of Younify (called Younifiers) love working and creating Magento webshops, so they thought this conference would be an excellent place to expand the network of Magento friends worldwide.

With the organization of Meet Magento Serbia, Younifiers will do their best to have a fun, informative and remarkable conference.

The official site is live, so feel free to get your tickets on time and get ready for the journey to Meet Magento Serbia in June.