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My name is Alexander, I work at Amasty Support department.

About two weeks ago I returned from Meet Magento Croatia 2018. In this article, I am going to share my experience in public speaking and the takeaways I felt useful for you.

The #MMHR18 event was organized by Inchoo, a full-service e-commerce agency. Their office is based in Osijek, the economic and cultural center of the Slavonia region.

I arrived two days before the opening, so I had some time to explore the city, which stands on the banks of the River Drava. It has 10 kilometers long embankment and is something about 2-3 kilometers wide. Local people told me that this quay was a public place for everyone. So, if you want to meet old friends or discuss some business questions, it’s just the right kind of place:

Bank of the river Brava MMHR18

The Inchoo’s office is located in the old town, so Icnhoers enjoy one of the best views across the Osijek.

One day before the conference, their office was a place for the Magento Contribution Day. Those who wanted to contribute to Magento had their chance that day. After the official part, every attendee could join the pre-party at the terrace.

Here are my personal and professional takeaways from this event:

5 MMHR18 Takeaways + Bonus

Takeaway #1. In Meet Magento, all they talk about is the PWA

[reference to “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Thomas Jahn]

This was a top topic of the event, there were four presentations about PWA in the development track. It was something really hot: the demonstration of working prototypes and products, lots of questions from the audience, a number of small talks during coffee breaks and additional events.

Despite the fact one may say it’s just hyped, a PWA’s popularity is growing very rapidly. It opens great opportunities for e-commerce solution vendors.

Takeaway #2. Developers and sale managers think differently about orders in offline mode

One of the questions discussed during the event was about the offline mode for PWAs. The dispute was over the option to place orders when you are offline. What should be the next step?

Some of the attendees think that the order should be left as ‘pending’. When a customer is back to online, they can complete with the order submission. But what if something changes? What if some products got of out stock or the price changed? Isn’t it better to cancel the purchase?

Some people told me they thought it was better to submit an order eventually. If there is just a little chance to sell something, isn’t it better to try?

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

Takeaway #3. AR & VR are much closer than you think

I heard a lot about connecting e-commerce services with third-party applications for enhancing the customer experience. For example, my colleague Margo spoke about using voice recognition for e-commerce.

This time, I saw real projects that use AR and VR to extend webshop functionality. Victoria Yaschuk from Atwix showed how to test furniture in your apartment without even visiting any offline store:

Victoria Yaschuk from Atwix MMHR18

Takeaway #4. Zero Downtime in Magento 2 is possible (but it might be off use to you)

Óscar Recio from Interactiv4 spoke the tool that allows zero downtime during Magento 2 updates installation. To be more persuading, he showed the real example of this: deployed a sample Magento 2 instance, applied some changes, and started setup scripts. It was extra-impressive: no downtime was there, it looked like seamless switching to the new version.

However, after diving deeper into this we found that this has serious limitations for usage. Óscar’s presentation was titled “Zero Downtime in Magento 2, It’s Possible?”. My answer here is “Yes, but not for everyone”.

Takeaway #5. Nobody likes to contact the support team

Miguel Balparda from Nexcess spoke about working in technical support. He articulated about typical problems of working under pressure and stress. As his colleague, I consider it to be just a must-read because it explains how to make a support request solved better and quicker:

Miguel Balparda from Nexcess MMHR18

His presentation can be found here.

Takeaway #0. At Inchoo, they know how to rock

Between the first and the second day of Meet Magento, I attended Cocktail Boat Party. It was arranged to discuss the business in a more relaxed manner. Behind enjoying music and drinks, I explored the night view of the city and their famous promenade:

Cocktail Boat Party MMHR18


And carrying on with the theme of working in a support service, here is my presentation based on support team experience. 

I’ll be glad to hear your opinion on Meet Magento Croatia 2018, so feel free to share it below.

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