Migration to Magento as a Cure to Salve Your Store

Do you have an idea what word gives e-merchants the shivers? Usually “migration” appears to be terrifying and scary not only as the notion, but also as the process. Nowadays technology world is a diversity of shopping carts that are ready-steady to provide powerful possibilities for even the pickiest online businessmen. However, as we know “Homer sometimes nods” and not always selected e-Commerce solution meets the needs and demands. Besides, Magento 2 offers some useful extensions (Elastic Search for example) that are not available in Magento 1. Thus, there are two ways to solve the problem: to grin and bear or to change the platform. So what will you do? Let’s choose wisely.

Magento Once for All


The main peculiarity of Magento Community edition is that it is an open source platform that is absolutely free to download. So, when you choose Magento Community there is a possibility to save some money and get an installation using popular web hosting providers.


Looking through the features of Magento Community you can have a clue why it is worth migration to it. This shopping cart offers all major opportunities that are needed for your business growth and profit-making. Selecting it there is a possibility to use a multi-store option with a chance to create more than one shop that can be managed via one admin panel.

Are you willing to make your store more eye-catching? Community Edition is ready to give you all needed capacities with high customization possibilities as well as variety of templates available for usage. Users have an access to the core php files and may perform different modifications with them easily. A significant advantage of Magento Community are considered its responsive web designs with mobile optimized versions of the store that really help merchants to go in step with the times and satisfy users desires.

Hard not to mention Magento’s SEO features that can assist in attracting new customers. It gives full control of URLs and meta information, and generates sitemap for SE submission automatically. Furthermore, platform advantages also include a variety of promotional tools with flexible coupons, special pricing and free shipping, and many payment gateways together with shipping options.


Magento Community has developed a great number of extensions counting over 6000 add-ons that are offered as free as well as paid ones. Installing such modules you can extend your store’s functionality and improve many of its features. Thus, availability of the marketplace appears to be a valuable benefits for e-merchants.

Therefore, now you understand that Magento CE is really worth migrating and there is no wonder why it is considered as the most powerful solution of present. But what comes next after you have arrived at a choice finally?

Migration Tips as a Hand of Help

Now you are sure that idea to migrate to Magento CE is worth considering. However, there appears the question: “But how to perform that switch?” Actually, merchants prefer three main variants to resolve the issue:

  • Manual method. You can just copy/paste all your data from one store to another. Buh how much time will you need to do that? So, yes, the procedure is not going to take much efforts, but will be rather long. The main disadvantage of such way of migration appears to be a risk of bugs afterwards.
  • Hiring a programmer. That is the best way to avoid any issues and take your time for another business. All you need is to find a professional who will make all the job by himself. However, be ready to pay a decent sum of money for the service.
  • Automated migration. One of the methods that doesn’t take any efforts and minimizes your expenses. Cart2Cart is a service that provides an automated switch to Magento with no source downtime and requires no technical skills.

Another deal of high importance is being fully prepared to migration. Postponing all the customizations and modifications on after-transfer period you need to perform lots of key procedures. It is not recommended to omit a step to provide successful migration process and avoid unpleasant consequences.

Before Migration

1. Make store database backup. As your e-shop content is the most important thing, you need to take care about it. Avoid risks of harming store information copying all database.

2. Schedule migration. Choose the date and time for your transfer when the traffic is the lowest. Do not forget to inform customers about your plans to move to avoid inconveniences and confusion.

3. Install Magento CE. Last pre-migration step is setting up a new store you are going to move the data to. Check whether online shop is up and running.


After Migration

1. Optimize search engines. Take care about your SEO as it is a hand of help for you to be ranked in top positions.  Perform optimization in three steps: 1) set 301 redirects; 2) create custom 404 page; 3) generate site map.

2. Customize store design. As the first impression from you online shop depends on its style and look. Hence, take some time to make store really bright as every detail counts.

3. Make a test purchase. Try to behave like a customer buying something and looking through the store in order to make sure that shop is absolutely ready for usage.

4. Don’t forget to start backuping your new Magento store right from the beginning!


The fear of migration can be easily dispelled not only when you choose the right shopping cart for switch, but also a suitable tool that will help to perform it. Cart2Cart offers an automated migration to Magento just in a few hours with no source store downtime. So, don’t miss an opportunity to create the business of your dreams at ease!