Like any other form of design, web design is still subject to trends. Some trends stand the test of time, and some fade as quickly as they gained popularity. They are becoming more complex in nature as information and technology continue to evolve. Others are sort of risky and can break your web business. Sure thing, an out-of-date Magento site may not be the first impression you were hoping to give.

Think on how e-commerce changes can affect your web business. Even if you are new to Magento, different design trends can give you the room to breathe. Combining the latest and greatest web design trends with smart and functional tools is what makes your site the best.

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How do risky e-commerce design trends affect your business perspective?

Indeed, web design has come a long way, but the underlying user needs remain the same. Users still need to enjoy usable e-commerce sites that are exactly what they claim to be.

To purchase products online, visitors need to understand what a Magento site sells, find information, be able to read it and know what to click and where it leads.

The sad truth is that the poor web design drives visitors away. A small mistake is more than enough to make a great-looking Magento site into an urgh-I’m-never-visiting-this-site-ever-again moment.

With the growth of e-commerce year-to-year, still, 46% of American small businesses do not have a website. If you are one of them, enough ignoring it – thousands of beautiful ready-made e-commerce themes come in handy when helping to establish your online presence.

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Even the smartest store owners are killing their conversion rates by making a lot of risky design trend mistakes. How many of these mistakes is your e-commerce website making?

Risky e-commerce design trends mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1: Don’t fly high with too visual website design

Just like different types of poetry appeals to different people, so much one imagery appeals to some people more than others. This means that no matter how stylish or eye-catching your e-commerce site is; it won’t appeal to someone until it meets the needs of your intended audience.

Thus, if used correctly, imagery can have a tremendous impact on the aesthetics of your online store. Yet, take care of adding images just because it looks nice. Remember, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, it should also have a purpose.

On the other hand, it’s easy to create visual overkill and distract visitors from the main action. So, follow a balanced approach. Add imagery that supports and highlights your products or services. Help your visitors experience it.

Take time to optimize your imagery. Make it look good, load quickly and easy for search engines to index. Now the most important part, when you place text over a background image, make sure it’s both legible and readable to users.

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As you see, built with the focus on showcasing products, Jewelrus Magento 2 theme features brand & filter pages with SEO-friendly URLs in one click. Moreover, designed in line with the best SEO practices, it offers an option to set URL keys for filter result pages’ regardless of category or subcategory names.

Indeed, being mobile-friendly, Jewelrus looks correctly on any modern screen resolution. With Jewelrus, you do not need to choose between creating a usable and emotion-provoking design.

Mistake #2: Personalization: approach with caution

Do you know that according to Gartner prediction ‘smart personalization engines’ will increase profit 15% by 2020?

Well, in the age when customers have the upper hand in the business transactions, personalization does matter.

That’s why, when starting with personalization campaign, it’s crucial to know who is your audience, what do they want, when and how do they want it. Get this on your radar, about 88% of consumers’ state that they’re more likely to buy from stores that offer a personalized experience.

If tread carefully, website personalization is extremely successful in increasing engagement and conversions. Otherwise, table decorations for your now-canceled wedding will continue to follow you around the web. I’m pretty sure you have plenty of such examples of admittedly creepy personalization.

While personalization can do wonders, it’s important not to cross the creepy line. If over-personalize, a risk of breaking trust is inevitable. Try to feel this thin line between effective and scary personalization. Make sure you collect data that matters to you most.

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Maximize conversions with GoofyStore Magento theme. Establish a personalized online-store with a perfect user experience. Apart from a collection of pre-designed layouts, it includes multiple TM modules to personalize your e-store to the fullest. But what matters most is its AMP-pages which appear immediately on mobile.

With the Enable setting, it’s easy to brand & filter pages with SEO-friendly URLs in one click. Indeed, enjoy its truly responsive interface on all last-generation devices and screen sizes. Let your customers know your upcoming news and events using the newsletter subscription form.

Mistake #3: Mobile-friendly does not mean the best

Sure thing, responsive design is highly important to an online store owner just because it has to be perfect to be effective. Moreover, it should hold a visitor who lands on your page until he/she decides to purchase a product or service or sign up for membership.

Yet, it’s an undeniable fact that it makes sense to start with the desktop design first. As a result, you can see your store as it should look with all the bells & whistles.

Indeed, there’s no denying that mobile is important. Having been the only choice for decades, the desktop-first approach was the ideal method of designing websites. Yet, overtimes things have changed dramatically. Today, if your Magento site is not mobile-friendly, you lose 80% of your traffic which means you lose sales. Well, it’s not even the future, it’s the present.

The truth is, that the desktop is still as important as it is. Do not get confused – mobile-first doesn’t mean ‘mobile is best’. Each is useful in the right context.

The matter of the fact is that the desktop experience needs to be detailed and dynamic. A good presentation of the breadth of your products both on desktop and mobile can yield the best value.

What often happens that the large screen areas remain unused and functions are left unexpanded. Instead, it can be filled effectively and have white space at the same time.

With the main task to build a professional Magento site that responds dynamically based on the device the user is on, take advantage of Magetique.

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Apart from its AMP pages, Magetique is completely responsive which means it scales to ay screen resolution without losing in design.

If you are new to the e-commerce, then starting with both mobile and desktop designs of your site is imperative. Besides, Magetique offers you an option to set URL keys for filter results pages’ regardless of category or subcategory names. Not only a wide range of amazing features but also a great pack of premium plugins & widgets come included in Magetique.

Mistake #4: Too many colors in one design

Face it, sometimes it’s really hard to fit so much information into a small screen, right? That’s why minimalism is a necessity for designing great sites. Yet, with the main purpose to make your Magento site outstanding, it’s important to combine both simplicity and efficiency.

To help you find the happy middle ground for your winning ticket, contrasting colors come into play. In today fast-paced world, the only way to survive is to stay ahead. As companies grow, they inject some more risky and contrasting colors for their visual identities.

With so many fresh and punch palettes available, it’s easy to fly high with misuse of colors. If you really want to set your store apart being not traditional and typical, head on to Covertati.

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Designed to impress, this Magento theme boasts the bright design that combines an awful lot of amazing features. Indeed, its SEO optimization allows you to brand and filter pages with SEO-friendly URLs in one click. Take time to explore the power of Covertati and use it to your advantage.

Mistake #5: International marketing nightmare

Taking your online store across international borders involves a lot more than a couple of new domains, in fact. Sure thing, it’s important to have a multilingual web design coupled with local-favorite choices and type-setting strategies.

Don’t kid yourself, this can’t give your website wings to represent your unique brand into the heart of the potential audience. Far from true, in fact.

Taking into account that even European websites differ from the unifies tastes found in the US, investing time in research is well worth doing.

The first thing to learn here is that international marketing is a different process from domestic marketing.

If you really want to establish a multinational brand, it’s in your interest to make a research. So you know, say, that the number 4 is unlucky in Asia? Thus, Indian websites tend to have lots of group shots with gold highlights, when Spanish sites boast eye-catching typography and bright textures and patterns.

As you see, there are some accents and diacritics marks to worry about. What’s more, your task is to worry about SEO and a proper language translation at the same time. Want to expand into a new region? Well, invest time and efforts into research first.

In order to boost SEO, it’s in your interest to see which languages your e-сommerce site is able to handle. It can be difficult, yet, it wouldn’t hurt to try Shop4U. However, the fact is true, an SEO-friendly website can help your brand be among the first results in the organic search results.

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Designed with the focus on customer experience and usability, Shop4U can be your go-to solution. It offers a wide range of useful features to make your online store more effective. To help you make it big in sales, take advantage of Shop4U. Enjoy Mega Menu with multiple columns, multi-currency and multi-language support + RTL, and Ajax layered navigation.

Mistake #6: Too interactive

Once your online store is set up and running, your fundamental goal is to lead sales. Right? To do this, your Magento site needs an attractive and engaging design that captures the attention of your visitors. That’s where interactive design come into a play.

Yet, instead of bombarding your visitors with a ‘buffet’ of options, entice them to take actions.

Animations, GIFs, videos and other interactive design elements should always serve a purpose. If you really want to a piece of interactivity cake, do it right. Avoid adding it just for fun, it can make the design look stuffy instead.

To help your online store to stay ahead of the curve take advantage of F2. With F2, let your competitors pale in comparison to your cutting-edge e-store.

In addition to that, designed with the user convenience in mind, it offers to brand & filter pages with SEO-friendly URLs in one click. Sure thing, its responsive design scales smoothly to all modern screen resolutions.

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Final words

So, is your online store ready to innovate? Is it easy and convenient? Anyway, with Magento, you are one step ahead of making it big in sales.

Combining web design trends in a smart way allows your unique brand to strengthen its online presence. Yet, it’s important to avoid risky web design trends to help your online store to take the leap. Take those extra minutes to look more closely and give your Magento site the extra polish that it deserves.