New extension: RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Magento Return merchandise authorization is a hot issue for any store owner, since dealing with returns, angry customers and negative reviews is definitely not your favorite thing about eCommerce business. Amasty Team is ready to become your Prince on a white horse who will come and save you from a great deal of problems connected with returns management. Just take our new Magento extension RMA for that.

RMA profile

What is RMA?

RMA extension deals with all types of returns and their automation. The problem is that Magento platform lacks built-in RMA system, which seems to be indispensable for any type of online store. Amasty new extension helps to handle Magento RMA process in a proper way and receive as many details from your customers as you need in no time.

How does Return merchandise authorization work in Magento?

Magento RMA process is designed to solve the problem of customer’s dissatisfaction of the product. Two main solutions for RMA are refund and exchange. Amasty extension lets store admin receive all the necessary information at the stage return is requested, which significantly reduces the time required for RMA processing.

What products are supported by Return merchandise authorization system?

One of the best things about Amasty RMA extension is that it supports all types of products, including grouped and bundled products. This feature is unique and can’t be found in other extensions dealing with RMA.

How can I manage conditions for customers to request a return?

RMA lets you create as many statuses and conditions for returns as you need. Some of the most popular conditions are as follows:

  • The product must be returnable;
  • It’s return period must be valid;
  • All physical components must be included in the return.

You can customize the options in accordance with the product peculiarities.

Can customers select individual items from their order to return them?

Yes, our extension has this feature.
RMA features

How to process an RMA?

RMA Magento extension offers store admin a number of tools for returns processing. Every requests has individual number assigned and can be tracked right from the grid of a Magento store. Besides, the admin can track returns history of all store users.

Can customers choose how they want to resolve the issue?

Yes, RMA extension lets one create customized resolutions, including the following popular options:

  • Exchange;
  • Refund;
  • Store credit.

DISCLAIMER: All the options should be created manually.

Can I set or change resolutions and change quantities?

Yes, you can adjust resolutions to your marketing needs as well as change the quantities of the goods returned. E.g. if a customer wants to return 3 products, an admin can authorize the return of only 2 of them.

Can I notify a customer at each processing RMA stage?

Yes, with RMA extension you can timely notify your customers about every stage of request processing through e-mail.

Can I customize the email templates for notifying customers?

Yes, you can. It shouldn’t also go unnoticed that you can create a separate template for each store view you have, which lets you e.g. send a separate e-mail in every language your support.