Loyalty Program Extension

It goes without saying that the higher customers’ satisfaction level is the more likely they share information about your store with others. That’s why a thoroughly planned loyalty program will bring its positive results even faster than you expect. With the help of a new Magento Loyalty Program module you can easily launch as many programs as you want carefully adjusting them to the needs of different target audience types. This will help you significantly boost customer loyalty level and increase the revenue.

Provide customers with tempting discounts and encourage them to buy more

The tool enables you place customizable descriptions of loyalty programs right on the customers’ account pages, so that they will hardly ignore your information. Moreover, they’ll get a great opportunity to keep track of their purchases and expenses in the Loyalty Program Tab.

Build credibility

Accurate timely provided statistics is an essential part of building  customer-brand relationship. When customers feel that they keep all their numbers under control and know for sure what they need to do in order to get a discount they’ll never leave you store to shop somewhere else.

Effectively target your programs

The module offers a great set of tools created to help you personalize your campaigns, thus achieving more powerful feedback:

  • Targeted discount offers based on customer and cart attributes, purchase history and order subselection;
  • Flexible shopping cart price rules;
  • Individual promotions based on customer’s email, last name or ID as well as on TAX/VAT number;
  • Order subselection options to even better fine tune the award personalization;
  • Free shipping option and many others;

As you can see, it’s is not the full list of promotional options this feature-rich module offers to you. In order to find the detailed information, learn the latest statistics and get practical marketing solutions how to launch successful loyalty programs with the help of the module, please visit the official Magento Loyalty Program Extension page. Here you can also see the live demo and user guide.

We’ll be glad to answer all you questions. Stay Tuned!