New Amasty extensions

Please meet the new Amasty extensions for Magento 2! Four more modules are willing to help you solve everyday problems associated with order or customer management and your Magento store promotion.

Sales Reps and Dealers for Magento 2

Sales Reps and Dealers features

It is a very helpful and convenient tool, if you have dealers and sales representatives and desire to establish a smooth workflow between you, your customers, and dealers. With Amasty Sales Reps and Dealers extension, you can easily control and manage the work with your dealers network. The extension allows you to check and coordinate sales representatives without any serious effort. Assign customers to personal dealers and use email notifications to coordinate sales representatives. Offer your clients a pleasant shopping experience!


Follow Up Email for Magento 2

Follow Up Email features

Personalization of your email messages according to customers’ previous orders, interests and wishlists is always a game changer. It is a common knowledge fact, that it takes far less energy and time to retain current customers than to attract new ones.

Follow Up Email by Amasty lets you enhance your email marketing with an impressive number of automatic and personalized offers and emails. All that can help you build productive relationships with your customers, increasing the number of repeated purchases and revenue. For having full control over your campaigns, Follow Up Email module provides you with detailed statistics via Google Analytics.


Customer Attributes for Magento 2

customer attributes features

Want to know more about your customers? Now it’s very easy to do – the new Customer Attributes extension can help you to understand your buyers better than ever. All the custom fields for collecting additional information can be configured at the registration page in just a few clicks. Use wide variety of the input types and collect important customer data that you are interested in, such as personal preferences and position in a company, age or any other additional information.


Loyalty Program for Magento 2

Loyalty Program features

For dessert, we have prepared Loyalty Program, an ideal tool for promotions. You can choose among the twenty two actions when creating offers and generate as many discounts coupons as you need to increase purchase frequency. Create loyalty program types to meet your specific needs and reward your customers. On what conditions will your loyalty program be based? Only you decide and choose to reward customers with perks, be it free shipping or personal discounts.