New Amasty extensions

Here we go again with a pile of fresh extensions. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome — another 4 new modules for Magento 2 now at your service. On these cold autumn days, we bet you’ve been dreaming of new hot effective modules for Order Management, haven’t you? And, you know what, we got it! Also, new efficient tools for SEO and promotions to warm you and your customers up. For more Magento 2 extensions, click this link to visit Amasty store.

Magento 2 Order Status

magento 2 order status features

We all appreciate native Magento 2 functionality but the sky’s the limit. Speed up your work with order management, employing more productive features. With Amasty Order Status extension, you win more control on order processing and more informative order data for your customers. To manage custom order statuses and states there is flexible and friendly work environment, supplied with a special grid.

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Magento 2 Efficient Order Export

efficient order export features

Well, here is more good news, concerning the order management. The new Order Export extension gathers a lot of order-related data, likewise invoices, shipments, products & credits memo info. You can easily configure export profiles and automatically send generated files in CSV or XML by email or via FTP. Additionally, you can set conditions, that will trigger the order export with all the related information being sent.

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Magento 2 Meta Tags Templates

magento 2 meta tags templates features

With all the complexity of SEO, the work on optimization is never completely done. Once you are all set, there are new updates and conditions. The work with meta tags often seems as smoke and mirrors. It is a real finding when there is a reliable tool at hand. You get the friendly environment to configure meta info, keywords, and H1 tag, short and full product descriptions, also enjoy flexible templates with specific variables.

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Magento 2 Special Promotions Pro

magento 2 special promotions pro features

Alright, at last we got something special for your customers. Here are 22 ways (read, promotion types) you can express them your gratitude in. Provide small and generous prizes, invent a wide range of promotions to engage your clients in a better manner than competitors. You can also win additional respect by making individual promos. Special Promotions extension for Magento 1 was a real bestseller with all its expanded functionality and flexible opportunities — finally, this mega tool is available for Magento 2.

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