New Magento Extension: Full Page Cache

Do you like waiting? Nobody does! Waiting for a page to load is not an exception. You may have a great catalog with lots of eye-catching products that your customers will like. But what’s the point in having such a great catalog if it is unable to load fast and potential customers just leave the page without even looking at it? Amasty new Magento extensions Full Page Cache easily solves this problem.

New Magento Extension: Full Page Cache

Full Page Cache significantly reduces load time, which is of high importance for successful conversion. Here are a few facts by KissMetrics about page load time:

  • 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

These facts are enough to consider speeding up your Magento store as soon as possible. Have a look at how Full Page Cache reduces page load time:

Magento Product Page statistics

Besides, Full Page Cache can boast of the following features, which help significantly reduce page load time:

  • Automatic cache updating
  • Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
  • Flexible cache configuration

All these features let you retain your customers as well as increase general user experience easily. Please check full description of the Magento extension to learn more.

Some of our customers have many questions concerning caching, its importance and necessity. This is why we have made up a list of the most frequently asked questions and asked our specialists to answer them.

What is caching?

Magento platform is great. But everything great still has some weak points. And one of such points in Magento is page load time. That’s why using page and blocks cache is crucial in Magento.

Our new Full Page Cache extension will solve this problem for you and make your site as quick as light.

Instead of generating a page for each new visitor, Magento will give them its saved version. This will decrease page load time and increase customers’ happiness.

Full Page Cache by Amasty is highly configurable. For example, you will be able to specify cache storage time for page. You can also enable cache for dynamic blocks to optimize their speed.

Is it possible to disable cache for CMS pages?

If you were attentive reading this article, you should know that Full Page Cache is highly (really highly) configurable. So it’s easy as a pie! Just use some settings to take a full control over your site caching.

But there are not only CMS pages that can be excluded from cache. You can adjust the extension to your needs. The right choice of pages to cache and those ones that should not be cached is the key to your site speed optimization success.

To cache or not to cache?

The answer to this question is up to you. But take into consideration that with enhanced Magento caching you will:

  • Speed up your site;
  • Increase customers loyalty;
  • Increase conversion rate;
  • Lower your bounce rate;
  • Improve your SEO and rankings.

Oh, haven’t we mentioned site speed as a Google ranking factor? Here’s what Google says about it:

Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. But faster sites don’t just improve user experience; recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs. Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed — that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings.

So now you have an opportunity to speed up your site with Full Page Cache by Amasty. The extension uses only native Magento functionality and thus doesn’t cause conflicts.

Using a powerful cache system is a great step to improve your Magento store speed. You can also choose a good hosting and follow some server optimization tips.