New Magento extension - Gift Card

Introducing the new Amasty extension – Gift Card.

Let customers purchase gift cards and send them to friends via post office or email. Easily keep track of all purchased certificates and enable visitors to customize gift cards according to their needs.
Magento Gift Card features

Why do you need this extension?

Providing your customers with gift certificates is another way to sell more.

If a typical representative of your audience is searching for a gift, but is not sure what to buy, or is unsure about size, color, or other product attributes, he will eventually abandon the store.

But you don’t want to lose this customer! To help, let him buy a gift card so he could give it as a present, and the recipient will choose what he really wants.

The result is: more sales and two happy customers at a time.

Gift card e-commerce stats

Via InComm

What is more, Magento Gift Card allows you to collect data on how people buy and use gift certificates, and the data can be helpful to adjust your marketing and sales strategy.

Main features

1. Let customers buy a virtual or a printed certificate

According to InComm, 77% customers want the option to purchase digital or physical gift cards. Give it to them!

2. Flexible gift certificate settings
  • Magento Gift Cards can be sent by the date of the occasion
  • Include a personal gift message
Magento Gift Card settings
  • Specify general settings for gift cards
Magento Gift Card general settings
  • Upload your own gift card designs and drag-and-drop the code field…
Upload your own gift card designs
  • … or use the designs that come with the extension

Magento Gift Card pack

3. Gift Card settings tab for recipients
  • Let gift vouchers recipients add new Gift Cards, see their stats and remove expired codes.
4. Enable option to apply gift card code on shopping cart
  • Let certificate owners apply their codes on the shopping cart and check the status of their cards as well.
Magento Gift Certificate on checkout
5. Create gift card product with the options you need

Creating gift card as a Magento product allows you to apply multiple settings to achieve the desired effect.

  • Create urgency by specifying gift certificate lifetime
  • Choose one of the three card types
Magento gift certificate information
6. Price flexibility

To satisfy various customers’ needs, offer them more opportunities when it comes to gift certificate prices.

  • Set fixed certificate values or/and let customers enter the value they’d like
  • Set the possible range for custom gift certificate amount
  • Specify whether the price is equal to the whole card or to a specific percent (set the percent you need)
Magento Gift Card prices
7. Gift codes management
  • Generate codes for Magento Gift Cards fast and easy
  • Import your own Gift Card codes
8. Gift certificate management

Magento Gift Card offers tools to manage and keep track of purchased gift certificates.

  • See accounts with gift cards in a separate grid, which includes information on initial code value, current balance, expiration date, and more
Accounts with gift codes
  • Edit necessary information about codes, write comments, resend gift card codes if necessary, and view order history. This way you can see how people are using their gift certificates and adjust your gift card policies or prices according to the data received.

Gift account settings