New Magento Extension: Google Rich Snippets

Amasty Team can’t wait to introduce to you a new extension, which is going to totally alter the way your Magento store is displayed in search results. Say hello to Google Rich Snippets extension and read more about its amazing functions that will help you to draw more traffic to your site and achieve jaw-dropping conversion rate in no time!


Google Rich Snippets Profile

Want to install Rich Snippets in Magento? Amasty makes it so much easier. Just take our extension and enjoy an abundance of features, including:

  • Great variety of Rich Snippets types;
  • Product price and availability displayed in search results;
  • Breadcrumbs featured;
  • Rating and the amount of reviews displayed in search results;
  • User friendly interface;

If you are still unsure whether you need Google Rich Snippets for your Magento store or want to know more about the ways to adopt the extension in the best way possible, we suggest you taking a short guide on Rich Snippets below.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are a few lines of data displayed in search results besides Title and Meta Description. There are various types of snippets; they can display rating of the product, its price, availability in stock, etc. In fact by installing the extension you add structured data to the information about your goods displayed in search results, which can’t but make them more noticeable.

Just compare the way the same page is displayed with and without Google Rich Snippets. Which one would draw your attention?

Rich Snippets comparison

Why use Rich Snippets in Magento?

Rich Snippets extension is the perfect chance for your Magento store to become more noticeable in the endless list of Google search results as well as increase CTR and get more targeted traffic. Even if your website is displayed on the first page of the search results it doesn’t guarantee it would receive enough exposure, so a helping hand in the form of additional structured data is always a good idea. Google itself recommends to use Rich Snippets and highlights that websites with Rich Snippets installed witness a significant increase in a clickthrough rate.

How can Rich Snippets be used for products in Magento?

Employing Rich Snippet data for Magento product pages lets you provide your customers with as much information about the product as possible. This way you are one step ahead of your competitors already when they type a product they need in Google.

How to use Rich Snippets for product reviews in Magento?

If the structure of your website lets customers leave reviews about the products, why not use it for your promotion? Set Rich Snippets in such a way, so that it would show 5-star rating and the amount of reviews submitted.

Should I add breadcrumbs to Google Snippets in Magento?

Another great idea is to add breadcrumbs to Google snippets in Magento. This will help your customers to gain better understanding of the structure of your website and the categories of products offered.

How to use Rich Snippets for organization in Magento?

Rich Snippets can become a great benchmark of brand’s success for your company. Make your organization more recognizable by adding logo image to SERP.

Rich snippets Logo

How to add Rich Snippets in Magento?

Internet is swarming with the instructions on how to write code for Rich Snippets for your Magento store. But why should you lose time on coding something yourself? We’ve already made that for you! Go and enjoy our new extension Google Rich Snippets right now!