New Magento Extension: Product Reviews

Amasty is ready to introduce to you a new Magento extension – Product reviews designed to make your online store both user- and SEO-friendly. This extension will certainly boost your search ranking position and will let your customers rate your goods much easily. Find all the details about Product reviews inside.

Product reviews

Why is it important to display product reviews on product page?

Product reviews are your never-ceasing source for building customers loyalty. Any experienced merchant knows that both encouraging customers to place reviews and treating positive and negative reviews right play a big role in proper brand-building.

According to Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations above all other forms of advertising.

Reviews help your customers to feel that their point of view is valuable for you as well as to contribute to the better quality of information at your Magento store. All these factors make reviews a must-have for any product page, and our new Magento extension is going to help you with this.

Why do reviews create duplicate content?

Standard structure of a Magento store creates favorable environment for duplicate content to appear. The thing is that quite often product reviews can be seen from both product page and a separate reviews page. Amasty extension Product Reviews offers a solution that will help you to forget about this problem forever.

How does Product Reviews extension help to avoid duplicate content?

Product reviews extension has two variants of how to solve the problem of Magento duplicate content:

  • One page solution

Reviews are displayed on the product page only and are loaded together with the information about the product.

  • Two pages solution

When a customer clicks on the reviews, he is redirected to another page with SEO-friendly URL, where all the reviews are located. This solution is good for big reviews. One can as well use it as a landing page. No review aggregator page is employed.