New Magento Extension: SMTP Email Settings

Email marketing is an important issue for any Magento store. If you want to be sure the letters you send are delivered and read by your clients, you will definitely enjoy Amasty new extension SMTP Email settings. It is easy to tune and even easier to use. Enjoy full control of the emails you send, significant increase in the email delivery rate and a number of other amazing features. Read on to discover more.

SMTP Email settings profile

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and in fact is one of the standards for email transmission. It is used by mail servers to send and receive e-mails and by webmail systems that use their own protocols (e.g. Yahoo! Or Gmail) to send emails outside their system. Check Wikipedia for more information.

Why use external SMTP server in Magento?

External SMTP server lets dramatically decrease the level of email rejection and gain full control of your Magento email marketing. You no longer depend on the default server, so the probability your letter will trap into the spam folder is much lower. Magento SMTP provides spam protection for your emails, since using of an external SMTP significantly decreases the chance of a letter to be rejected.

This way if you want to be sure that the emails you send to customers are not perceived as spam or even rejected by mail systems, switching to the external SMTP server is the best choice.

How to setup external SMTP emailing for Magento?

In order to adjust Magento SMTP email settings you need to go to System >> Configuration >> Amasty >> SMTP Email Settings, where you will find all the necessary parameters.

What are SMTP settings for Magento?

Amasty SMTP extension saves you from the necessity to edit code or perform any other sophisticated technical tasks. All the settings you need can be found at SMTP Email Settings (see the path to it above). The data you need to edit depend on the SMTP server provider you uses.

Can I use Gmail or Yahoo SMTP servers?

Yes, you can, this will let you get the best chances that your email will be delivered.

Can I select the authentication method and encryption type?

Yes, you can choose SMTP authentication method as well as encryption type (SSL, TLS).