New Magento Extension: Unique Product URLHow many times have you faced a situation when you need to add a certain product to a few categories of your Magento store? Of course, you can create a number of similar product pages for each category, but this would hamper your SEO results (check our guide on duplicate content to get the details). Amasty Team is ready to offer you an elegant solution that would solve the problem of duplicate content once and forever. Welcome our new Magento extension – Unique Product URL!

New Magento Extension: Unique Product URL

What is this Magento extension about?

Unique Product URL is a great chance for you to perform your marketing activities without hampering the SEO performance of your Magento store. Now you can add your product to as many categories as you want. For example you can make possible for your customers to find the same T-shirt in SALE, Summer items and T-shirts sections. The trick is that Unique Product URL helps you to create a single path for the product no matter what category it belongs to. The features of the extension let you:

• Choose the shortest or the longest path to the Product Page as a unique URL;
• Use multiple Product categories with no harm for SEO performance;
• Say farewell to the duplicate content at your Magento store.