In a world where everyone wants to have only the best of the best, only some have all the luck to get everything at once. All projects, especially those that involve resources, workflow or significant tools, need clear solutions. Most of these solutions are not right at your fingertips, and you start turning concepts upside down. Easier said than done. Ultimately, you can find anything anywhere as long as you keep your eyes open. There are endless places to find a whole host of themes, templates, plugins, graphics and everything you’ve ever dreamt of. The trick is yet to make a choice.

Sometimes a single thought of making a choice can be enough to paralyze. So, if you’ve ever found yourself in the situation like this, then you know the pain. Anyway, the idea here is simple: get everything you need, and even more, with ONE through the simple subscription service from TemplateMonster.

TM ONE: what’s in it for you?

Okay, let’s make the things clear. Chances are that you’ve not heard about ONE until now. You know that the site-building process takes time and requires high-quality tools, plugins, and extensions to make sure it’s as smooth as possible. Indeed, it’s nice when everything you may need for your projects is ready to serve you within the subscription. No more wasting time searching for the right products. Now, all things considered, it seems like ONE subscription opens up the door to the world of opportunities in one place. TM-all-in-one-offer

The abundance of superior quality products

Are the products provided in the ONE subscription worth the hype? Well, definitely. The truth is that a wide scope of these products may surprise even the most avid pros. No matter how particular your topic is, the list of diverse products built on popular CMS platforms abounds: WordPress, HTML, Magento, Elementor page builder, and the like.


If you’re a true fan of Magento, getting the flagship Magetique Magento theme can be a safe bet. Indeed, there seems to be no end to a diversity of superior quality products within the ONE subscription. You have never got your finger wet in TemplateMonster’s flagship themes and best-selling items? Then it’s your chance to finally change things. With a massive number of like themes, templates, plugins, and rich graphics, you’ll get all the help you need for less. At the end of the day, you can find everything you need at your fingertips within the ONE subscription.

Clear licensing

Every time you create a website, no matter for yourself or a client, chances are, you’re more interested in getting everything at once. Would it be nice to enjoy the site-building process without the need to repurchase the items? With the ONE subscription, you get all the products under an unlimited yearly license. What does it mean? It’s clear, you get the permission to use it (products) on unlimited domains during one year. Fancy it?   Once the year of unlimited usage is over, don’t fret, your site will still continue working. Moreover, you’ll still get updates for your plugins and extensions necessary to keep your website bang up to date. One year of unlimited domain usage – is it enough? Think of one year this way: we live in a dynamic world where things change rapidly. No matter what you are good at – singing, designing, coding or cooking, you enjoy doing this. With the ONE subscription, you get the motivation to enjoy things you are really good at. So, why not build the habit of enjoying the site-building process for one year?

5 things to consider before joining ONE by TemplateMonster

Quite frankly, a variety of subscription services abounds these days, while only a few of them provide true value. So, what makes ONE by TemplateMonster so special? Let’s go down the rabbit hole together to learn 5 things that make the ONE subscription worth the hype, in fact.

Amicable 24/7 support

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that the over-deliver in service to a customer is bar far the most valuable thing that can set yourself apart from the rest. Indeed, TemplateMonster has made a go for this. The ONE is a beginner-friendly subscription that comes with 24/7 support provided for all the items. That said, once you face any issues with any of the products under the ONE subscription, keep peace in mind: you’re not alone. A friendly customer support team will assist you any time of day or night. Besides, your skill gap doesn’t influence the quality of the customer support provided. Chances are, you’ll get all the help you need straight off.

Competent services

Face it, the abundance of superior-quality products is not enough without service. What I’m talking about are those tiny details, such as server maintenance or SEO improvement. Imagine, template installation, customization, speed optimization and the like. That can be a huge help. Even with an existing website, there’s much to do to ensure success. Want to give your Magento website an edge over the others? Go check out your options. Doubt-free, with the ONE subscription, you’ll never look back.


Updates and new items

That’s no wonder, without regular updates, the success of your website is next to impossible. This needs to be clear: the dynamic world we live in necessitates to keep up with the times. Without regular updates and new items, your project is unlikely to compete effectively. With the ONE subscription, keeping up on your game becomes a smooth track. Big points for the ONE.

Safe & Sound option

Do you know what is the coolest thing about the ONE subscription? Imagine, you’ve joined the ONE. Now, you have access to all the superior products the subscription offers. Moreover, you can use them on as many projects as you want for one year. But for some reasons you haven’t downloaded anything from the ONE subscription service yet. What are your options? Take heart: you have 14 days from the date of purchase to cancel the subscription. Whether you haven’t found the needed items you want or haven’t got enough time to dig into its library, stay safe. You don’t have to pay for the service.

30% discount for the first insiders

Join the ONE subscription before everybody else to get 30% discount for pre-order. Stay abreast of what is happening in the site-building industry with the ONE.


Lastly, is the ONE subscription worth the hype?

Heck, yes, it is! There’s no beating around the bush, the ONE subscription is the top dog. Having the options to get an infinity of products is always a great thing, right? So, why wasting time on purchasing single products? Moreover, you never know what you can do with a product until you have it and try it. Thus, you have a year of unlimited domain usage for all the superior products under the ONE subscription service from the purchase date. Now, it’s easy to get creative with it and create as many projects as you need. The purpose of the ONE subscription is to help everyone light a fire under your Magento website like never before. So, with a single click, you get the abundance of smart solutions that can help you manage even the complex processes hassle-free. To connect all dots then, the ONE subscription service is a true bounty for those who want everything at once. Reduce time-consuming processes to create new Magento projects on the go.