Perfect product page and shopping cart tips [VIDEO+CHECKLIST]
About a month ago Amasty together with Promodo held a webinar regarding Maximizing Magento marketing ROI. The main discussions were about sales channels, landing pages strategy, product pages, checkout and other best practices for Magento store. Mainly we concentrated on traffic attraction, conversion rate increase and sales growth by optimizing cart & checkout areas. The webinar was such a great success that we decided to share with you the main takeaways from it. Please get inside to find the video and to-do checklists.

If you have missed the webinar or just want to refresh your knowledge, please check the video from it.

Besides, you can make use of our To-Do lists for your Magento. Now it will take little time for you to inspect your store and to draw main conclusions. Go through the list and tick the points your Magento store already has. Also pay attention to what your website is missing – this is the room for improvement and sales growth.

You can either download the list and print it or start examining your website following the points below.

Product page as key factor

checkbox Product pages are structured in accordance with F-pattern view model

checkbox Important and eye-catching elements are placed in the left sidebar

checkbox You use large and good quality images

checkbox Several images for one product, showing different features and angles

checkbox Customers can zoom and lightbox product images

checkbox 360-degree view of products to stand out among competitors

checkbox Make sure you use people on images the right way

checkbox Make sure product pages meet your target market

checkbox You implement videos, attachments and other media along with text

checkbox Product descriptions are for real people, written using the language they speak and understand

checkbox All website pages load fast

checkbox Product pages include Customers also view block

checkbox Products are labeled on catalog and category pages

checkbox Reviews and social buttons on product pages

checkbox Product demos and ‘how to use’ videos

checkbox Breadcrumbs on pages as a secondary navigation scheme

checkbox Product Stock Statuses for notifying users in time

checkbox Coming soon pages for products which will appear in your catalog

checkbox Using landing pages as a sales promotion method

checkbox Your website is optimized according to the purchase funnel


How to get to the better checkout flow

Cart and checkout appearance

checkbox Double checkout buttons – top & bottom of the page

checkbox Functional ‘Continue shopping’ button from the checkout page

checkbox Functional ‘back’ button in the cart

checkbox Various colors for checkout/continue shopping buttons

checkbox The option to register after the checkout

checkbox Ability to print or email cart contents

checkbox Chance to save carts or add to wishlist

checkbox The same information isn’t asked repeatedly

checkbox Trust factors at the checkout

checkbox Final review page before placing the payment

checkbox Clear and advanced checkout process indicator

checkbox One Step checkout instead of standard 6 steps

Important product information

checkbox Detailed product summary in the cart

checkbox Variety of shipping methods on the checkout page

checkbox Update quantity field or remove from cart option

checkbox Related products display before checkout

checkbox Order number and contact info for any questions

Payment & Shipping

checkbox Free shipping when customers spend $X

checkbox Several shipping and payment methods

checkbox Fresh promo codes placed directly in the cart/checkout page

checkbox Use special offers – Was $X, Now $Y and You Saved $X

checkbox Approximate shipping date notification

checkbox Obvious download instructions (for digital products)

checkbox Clear shipping and return policy

checkbox Complete payment summary without hidden cost

Rewards & Promotions

checkbox Reviews in return for discounts

checkbox Implement a loyalty/reward program

checkbox Give complementary samples with each order

checkbox Upsell using gift cards

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