Plces to visit in Minsk

Meet Magento Belarus is approaching! As we’re expecting guests and speakers from other countries, we thought a short city guide around Minsk, the capital of Belarus, will be helpful for them.

Here’s a short Minsk tour featuring the main city landmarks that you can easily visit in one day. Welcome to Minsk and have a nice trip!

Here’s the map of all destination points (you can zoom in or out or click on points to see more details as well).

Church of Saints Simon and Helena

Church of Saints Simon and Helena

Known as the Red Church, it is the signature building of Minsk. Finished in 1910, it now holds the memory of a beautiful but sad legend of its patron’s children. What is more, you can walk around Independence square and enjoy other historic buildings situated here, or go to the shopping center below the ground and buy some souvenirs.

National Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus

Belarus National Theatre

Finished in 1938 and reconstructed in 2010, this magnificent theater holds the culture of Belarusian Opera and Ballet traditions in the very heart of Minsk. If you’re not going to visit some plays (be sure to buy tickets in advance – full house is very usual here), just walk around and enjoy the great view, surrounded by a park with fountains.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Cathedral of Peter and Paul Saints

Founded in 1612, this church is the oldest one in Minsk. Being a monument of Renaissance architecture, this wonderful cathedral now has leftovers of ancient frescos and reminds us how Minsk looked like centuries ago.

Trinity Suburb

Trinity Suburb in Minsk

Trinity Suburb is a historic region in the heart of Minsk. Archeologists say this place was inhabited in XII century, and it started to gain the look we can see now from XVII century. The Suburb once was a trade and administrative center of the city, and now it’s a collection of small winding streets, XIX century buildings, museums and cafes – a place to rest and enjoy the atmosphere of the oldest Minsk city district.

Holy Spirit Cathedral

Holy Spirit cathedral in Minsk

Holy Spirit Cathedral is the main church of Belarus and Minsk. It was finished in 1642 and represents the Baroque style. The cathedral crowns the High Market place and lots of small cozy streets with ancient buildings worth seeing. What is more, this place is rich in cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy Belarusian, European, and Asian cuisine.

Liberty Square and Minsk Town hall

Minsk Town Hall

Minsk Town Hall was first built in 1582 in the High Market place, now Liberty square – the heart of the city in XV-XX centuries. This place is unique in its way: you can slowly turn around and see monuments of different epochs one by one, but so close to each other – the whole city history will stand in front of you here.

Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War History

War museum

The museum first opened shortly after the liberation of Minsk from the Nazi invaders, making it the first World War II museum to open during the course of the war.  It has 24 large exhibition halls. As of 2012 there were 142,676 items in the museum’s collection – including weapons and military equipment. You’ll be amazed by the exposition – take your time and visit this memorial place to know more about the Great Patriotic War.

National Library of Belarus

National Library

National Library is famous for its unusual shape – it looks like a huge diamond. You can have a walk nearby and visit a beautiful park lying around, or you can jump into a panoramic elevator and get a bird’s eye view of the city from the library’s roof! I especially recommend doing this if the weather is good – you’ll see the whole Minsk spread out before you.

Want to know more about places to visit in Minsk? Drop me a line, and I’ll guide you through.