video-slateWe bet no one will argue that video is one of the best and the most effective tools to demonstrate products online. It enables you to show your items “in a good light” and tell customers everything you want them to know about this photo cam or those suede shoes. Let customers “touch and smell” your products and even get some extra tips the way to use them. The more visual and audio info they’ll get the more likely they add your products to cart.

Let’s prove this with some statistics and look at product video with the eyes of retailers and consumers. The website did a great job comparing the attitude of online merchants and shoppers to this product demonstration format:

Online MerchantsOnline Shoppers
More and more retailers include video to their product description pages highly appreciating its positive effect that is reflected in 40% conversions increase.More than 70% of consumers consider video format to be the best for product demonstration.
About 80% of e-shop owners have videos on their product pages.More than 60% percent of respondents confess they are more likely to watch product videos rather than read descriptions and look through images. According to shoppers, videos help them easier imagine real products and the way to use them.
The time spent and users’ engagement on pages with videos is much higher in comparison to those without videos. About 50% of the respondents confess they are ready to spend more time on site watching product videos.


But keep in mind that according to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Akamai Technologies data users are likely to skip your video if it loads more than two seconds. Moreover, the viewers who face the video failure are less likely to come back to your store. Thus, either make sure your customers are highly motivated to wait till the video is loaded or double your efforts to make it quickly-loadable.

mobile-trafficAs far as more and more consumers say that they’d rather watch product videos on their phones than on PC, it’s high time to show consumers that you do your best to meet their needs and optimize your interface for mobile devices, and not only for smartphones, but for tablets as well. While about 35% percent of users watch product videos on their tablets, more than 20% of vendors still don’t track this conversions activity. Ignoring these juicy traffic channels you risk to stay hungry while your competitors who follow the up-to-date marketing tendencies will bite off the biggest part of the conversions pie.

Summing up we can say that:

  • Product video is a must have for any online shop;
  • You should carefully create product videos in order to make them user-friendly;
  • To draw massive audience to your e-store, optimize your videos for mobile gadgets;

Do you use Magento track user activity tool to know everything about your business? So why not let your customers use videos to know all about the products they want to order? We hope these short tips will help you create attractive product pages and clearly demonstrate your items to customers. Feel free to share your product videos success stories  in the comment section.