whats-upAs you already know today in a highly competitive ecommerce world you need a great number of tools to motivate customers make purchases in your shop. And having caught visitor’s attention once, you shouldn’t relax as the struggle is only about to start.

Today we’ll tell you the way you can easily increase the rate of impulsive purchases in your online store and sell out less popular products in a blink of an eye with the help of What’s Up extension by Amasty.

How it works

Being a talented marketer means being a good psychologist. If you know customers’ needs and fears you can easily find the right triggers to press in order to stimulate consumers’ activity. So, it’s high time to learn the way to apply psychological approach in your marketing strategies.

What to doWhat you get
Appeal to collective instinctThe trick that always works.
You show to your customers the notification that some items are running out of stock or that some products have just been bought by a certain number of users and …voila! The bait is taken! The fear to be the last to buy popular items will do the rest of work and the products will be immediately added to cart.
Result: Your conversion rate is increasing.
Now you decide which products to sell firstTo unload your stock and get rid of less popular products just specify the IDs of corresponding items and show them along with the products which customers really purchase.
Result: The stock is unloaded in the shortest time.
Exploit the magic power of wishlists to the fullThe extension gives you the opportunity of stimulating customers to enrich their wishlists with new items. It means that you get a priceless source of strategically important information about your customers’ preferences.
Result: You get the hints how to build an effective marketing strategy according to consumers’ needs.

Customize notifications The tool enables you create different types of notifications and set the intervals of their demonstration. You can also select the most appropriate places on the page where to show them.
Result: You can easily find out which notifications work better for your store.

Below you’ll see how the Activity Block looks on your shop pages. This block will be available on home, category and product pages showing the latest store updates. Thus, your customers will be constantly informed about everything that happens in the shop.

whats-up-notifHere you can see the examples of your notifications content:

  • This product was last purchased N time ago.
  • Product X in this category was just viewed by another customer.
  • This product was purchased N times for the last N hours.
  • Last product sold from this category – product X.

And, of course, you can easily customize the notifications according to your needs.

Thus, the What’s Up extension kills even more than two birds with one stone providing you with a great opportunity to dramatically increase your conversion rate and effectively regulate your stock inventory.

Feel free to contact us for any details!