Case Study

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Gabriel Luis, the Just Beding store owner,  told us the way our Custom Stock Status module enhanced his admin user experience:

“Out of the box, Magento annoyingly does not give store managers any other inventory status options to choose from other than the inflexible, default two of “In stock” or “Out of Stock”. Given no two businesses are the same having this limitation in place is bound to be an unnecessary road-block to growth and success for a vast quantity of the Magento-based businesses on the web. It’s not a secret that this platform is an eCommerce powerhouse and highly scalable, but by not allowing retailers the ability to display the widest possible range of products available to them in their online catalogs is a drag for these retailers and their shoppers alike.

With the large range of bed linen of over 3000 products available at Just Beding comes the inevitability of having many that are “Available on Order” through suppliers or in the cases of custom made quality items, “Custom-Made on Order”. We quickly found ourselves needing a unique stock status to represent these situations to frontend browsers of our store catalog without having to do with the backend development undertaking involved in bringing this new feature to life. At the time, custom coding seemed like the only option, though this would have required me to lose many hours micro-managing a freelance developer at considerable expense.
I was determined not to travel down this road any time soon, following a seemingly endless round of successive dev sprints. So using a pre-built Magento extension to facilitate this need grew tempting enough for me to begin hunting for one. A short search led me to Amasty’s superb Custom Stock Status module. This crafty little module allows stores to greatly expand their catalogs with additional products to those traditionally, and most literally, solely “In Stock”.

Custom stock staus

Another situation that requires a custom stock status is pre-ordering. Often we have next season’s designs available for purchase a few weeks before they are due to arrive in our warehouse. This allows us to get a better estimate of customer demand, which allows us to quickly order more of any one limited design ahead of it selling out for good with the manufacturer, consequently removed from the catalog and reducing the selection of bedroom concepts to choose from. “Ships in X days” is another that comes to mind.

Custom stock status

Our quilt covers category is a prime example. Throughout this category we employ half a dozen custom stock statuses, allowing us to add dozens more quilt covers to the hundreds we have in stock. This module has made our backend flexible and responsive enough to meet the various supply and fulfillment needs that arise from offering non-standard products.”

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