SEO Competitor Analysis: Part 1. Pagerank and Domains

Have you ever daydreamt of becoming James Bond or some other great spy? Don’t be sad if you are knocked back down to earth by usual office routine. SEO offers you a number of options to use all your best spy qualities by conducting SEO competitor analysis. Welcome to our virtual spy school where we will teach you how to spy on competitors and notice which of their SEO tactics work and leave them no chance to rival you.

What does SEO competitor analysis consist of?

SEO in Magento plays not the last role. Competitor analysis is an efficient way to strengthen the positions of your company. And what is more important it doesn’t require special skills. All you need to do is to follow our instructions and make use of a number of SEO tools online services offer. One of the leading SEO consultants is Moz Company, which has developed a service called Opensite Explorer. It was designed to display SEO information about websites in an easy to comprehend way.

Why should I conduct SEO competitor analysis?

First we’ll consider the domain and page rank. Moz has developed an algorithm that can rank pages and websites from 0 to 100. The more points a website gets the higher its authority is.

Tip 1

For our lesson we will use domain, which was created to be used as an illustrative domain in all types of documents. The screenshot below specifies authority and page link metrics of the website.

Competitor Analysis - Top

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is 95 – This is enormously high score. It’s no wonder though, since domain has been used all over the world for quite a long time.

If your domain authority is lower than your competitor’s one, it may be a problem. The thing is that if you and your competitor use the same keywords for SEO, Google will choose them instead of you. But you can fix this by implementing link-building. Content-marketing is a great medium for that. Websites are more likely to share high quality and unique content, than trivial information.

Tip 2

Page authority

Page authority is 94 – this index is also very high for a home page. Such score was achieved thanks to many nice links from authoritative resources. The more websites with high authority are linked to you, the more Google respects you and the higher is your website in the search ranking.

Tip 3

Root Domains

26,927 Root Domains – this number means that has 26, 927 unique domains that link to it. Google cares more about root linking domains than total amount of links, so it’s better to have 100 websites with 1 link to your website each than 20 websites with 5 links.

Tip 4

Websites linked to you

Let’s pay attention to the sites that are linked to your website. The way the links are listed is based on their domain authority. The higher is the authority, the higher is a website in the list.

Competitor analysis - Bottom

This information will help you to understand which websites are valuable for you. For instance, is in the first place with 100 domain authority. Sure it’s essential to try to get another link from Wikipedia and similar resources. This will make your positions in organic search grow, because search engines trust reputable sites.

Top Pages

Now let’s go to the Top Pages tab, where the pages of your website are listed. The screenshot below shows your website pages in accordance with the amount of links to them. The ones with the biggest number of links are in the top.

Top pages

These data are great for learning what’s hot out of your content and what’s not. If you want other websites to share more of your articles, adjust your content strategy to the needs of the web and give it more of the content your most popular pages have.


Have you learned anything new about your website? Maybe you’ve already added 1-2 lines to your to-do list? Share with us in comments and keep reading! Our virtual spy school will continue its course in future and will reveal even more secrets of SEO Competitor Analysis.

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