online-shoppingIn case you are running an online shop trying to implement all possible SEO technologies, but there are still no visible results, it’s high time to look around and check whether you’re doing everything right. Unfortunately, if you’re not a site optimization guru you may easily stuck in tons of specific rules online community creates each day. Thus, the first thing you are to do is to critically analyze your work.

We offer you to look through the most common optimization mistakes made not only by newbies, but even by experienced e-commerce players.

What we are doing wrongWhat we are to do
You expect from key words too much.Of course, no one will deny the importance of search engine optimization. Accurately selected key words can easily drive massive traffic to your website. But, on the other hand whether it will be really relevant traffic depends on you.
• Avoid using keywords with high rankings and low competition. Just think how many visitors redirected to your store due to these words are interested in purchasing something on your site. What is better, to spend money on thousand clicks and get one or two conversions or properly target your campaigns and get fewer visits, but more conversions?
• Clearly identify your target audience. Knowing what they really need, which words they use while searching products, which problems they want to solve, you easily create your content relevant to their expectations.
You forget about optimization as soon as visitors come to your store.It’s not a secret that making users visit your e-shop is one of the crucial tasks of SEO. But this just the first step on the way to conversion. If having glanced at bright banner offering good deals, customers visit your site and find nothing relevant there or just can’t figure out how to navigate it, they’ll leave immediately.
• Dress you products in clear images and tempting descriptions.
• Show the way your products solve customers’ problems.
• Amaze customers with quality design and intuitive navigation.
• Provide clients with timely support.
You may think: «Thank you captain obvious». But why knowing this, a lot of online retailers still continue placing unclear pictures spicing them up with boring descriptions?
You know for sure what stats abuse is.Numbers always clearly indicate the level of your popularity. No online merchant will ignore the stats. And that’s right! Always track your visits and conversion numbers immediately adjusting your offer to your customers’ needs.
But there is still a cloud in the bright sky –quantity is not quality. Trying to improve your statistical data, you may forget about your customers. Always keep in mind that you work for real people.
Google won’t buy your products, but real visitors will. .So, it’s time to focus on what your customers think, but not the search engine. By the way, reducing the number of Google Analytics visits you’ll get a couple of free hours a week. And it will be more productive to spend them on our audience research.

Unfortunately there are much more problems online merchants have to solve on the way to success. And we promise to continue providing you with the most up-to-date tips, statistics and cutting edge marketing solutions. In case you have to share something with us feel free to leave your posts in the comments.