One more year is gone now, and we traditionally sum it up with the collection of our best blog posts. We selected the most popular and shareable articles and hope you’ll enjoy the reading!

1. Top 30 trending products to sell in 2016

article top 30 trending products to sell in 2016

The 2016 year has gone, but some shopping trends are still alive. For A-level merchants, it’s still quite useful to know what items customers desired the most according to the Google Trends data.

2. Magento 2 SEO: a full overview of default settings

Magento 2 SEO guide

For those who are switching to Magento 2, it’s a must to read the article and get acquainted with the main SEO aspects. It’s a full and consistent guideline, where we highlighted all the changes, compare them with the new Magento 2 settings and designed the information into infographics.

 3. A guide to cross-selling & upselling techniques

a guide to cross selling upselling techniques

One of the most proved ways to boost sales is to use cross-selling and upselling techniques correctly. We collected all the tips and examples that can help you to sell more.

 4. Best color for Add to Cart/Buy button [Industry stats]

Best color for add to cart and buy button stat

As CTA (call-to-action) buttons convince your customers to make a purchase, it’s extremely important to pay attention to their colors.  You shouldn’t bother your head and reinvent the wheel when you try to choose the best variant: look through the industry stats and confirm your decision with an A/B test.

 5. How to earn customers loyalty with a Thank You

how to earn customers loyalty with thank you

One of the proved ways to melt your customers’ hearts is … to thanks them. How and in what cases it is admissible you’ll find out in this article.

 6. Why you should install Magento security patches [Fraud investigation]

Why you should install Magento security patches

Once we faced with a fraud situation on our client’s website, we couldn’t help to warn our clients and Magento merchants to be careful. This story shows how important is to install security patches on time.

7. Create InstallSchema from MySQL dump [Freebie]

Create Magento 2 installation script from mysql dump

For optimizing the process of Magento 2 extension creation, one of our developers presented a script that automates a database creation process and cuts the time on it. You can download the script directly from the study. But please pay attention, that this article is useful for those who have basic knowledge of Magento 2 databases.

 8. Guido Jansen talks about Meet Magento World

guido jansen meet magento world event

Magento community is growing and Meet Magento events have changed. We interviewed Guido Jansen – the Vice President of the Western Europe on Meet Magento association – about the Meet Magento World. It will be the first Magento related online conference, that was planned for December 2016, but, luckily for those, who just heard the news, it was rescheduled to July.

9. Magento wallpapers pack from Amasty

Magento wallpapers pack

Magento wallpapers become more and more popular with all devoted “magenters”. We selected the most awesome Magento 1 wallpapers, that you can download directly from the post. You just need to choose your screen size.

10. Magento 2 wallpapers pack from Amasty

Magento 2 wallpapers pack

Specially for Magento 2 lovers we prepared 4 stylish wallpapers, that we hope will inspire you to work hard. And as always you can download the wallpapers directly from the article, choosing the screen size you need.