The 10 best Amasty articles of the year

We have some weekend reading! Here’s the collection of Amasty blog posts that our readers liked the most this year.

1. How to fix common Magento issues

We collected some of the most frequent questions and answered them; we do hope that this small knowledge base will help people that have just started working with Magento.

2. How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento

Want to switch your Magento 1 store to HTTPS (SSL)? Read these instructions from our system administrator and SEO specialist to perform the transition the right way.

3. Creating Magento simple & configurable products programmatically

Creating Magento simple and configurable products programmatically

Magento has great features for creating them from backend, but there are cases when we need to create products programmatically, or manually. For example, you may need it if you import products in a certain text format, or if you need to create plenty of products to test a shop’s performance, or you are suggesting an alternative product creation interface.

4. Creating Magento order programmatically

Creating Magento order programmatically

If you’re working with Magento, most probably you’ll face a situation when you need existing fake orders, and there are none at the moment. It’s not relevant to create orders (or customers) using the Magento interface, as you can do it programmatically, which takes less time and effort.

5. PHP 7 and script languages future: insights from lead developer

PHP 7 and script languages future: insights from lead developer

The interview was originally published on by Igor Savchuk and was translated exclusively for Amasty blog.

6. 5 steps for no-SPAM e-mails in Magento

5 steps for no-SPAM emails in Magento

Read the guide on making your Magento emails avoid the SPAM folder, or check your email with the free SPAM check tool.

7. A guide to cross-selling & upselling techniques

A guide to cross-selling and upselling techniques

Cross-selling and upselling techniques, when used properly can be a delicate thing that works like a charm both for customers and businesses. And here’s the proof: about 35% of Amazon sales could be generated by cross-sales.

8. Best 404 page examples in e-commerce

Best 404 page examples in e-commerce

The bigger your shop is, the more important the issue of 404 page appears to be.

9. Freebie: Magento Modified Core Files Report by Amasty

Magento Modified Core Files report

We wanted to share a tool that I created to help our developers in providing faster and better support for our customers.

10. How big brands send abandoned cart emails [Case study]

How big brands send abandoned cart emails

I shared details of a small email marketing case; everybody writes on how we should actually send emails, but I wondered how big brands were using abandoned cart emails at the moment. If you’re interested in the results, please proceed to the article.