online-storeDream of opening an online store or want to optimize an existing one? Well, it’s not an easy thing, but having elaborated effective strategy and consistently following its steps you have all chances to stand out of the crowd and win customers’ appreciation.

One of the core elements of any marketing strategy is the product presentation. Demonstrating your items online you have quite a limited number of tools to draw customers’ attention. The only way to convince visitors purchase in your store is to learn how to exploit the power of these presentation tools to the full.

Tempting product descriptions

Always keep in mind that your descriptions are the only channel of delivering information to your audience. Thus, you have to do your best to catch your visitors’ attention. Monotonous enumeration of product details won’t do a lot of good.

What to do

  • Become a real artist using every color of your rich palette. Bring new flavors to your texts, use mouth-watering epithets and metaphors, making your customers “feel” your products.
  • Talk to customers like if they were standing in front of you. Imagine that you are a shop assistant in an offline store. We really doubt if you were just mumbling product characteristics learned by heart taking no notice of visitor’s reaction. That’s why it’s very important to write your descriptions addressed to a real customer, but not to an abstract audience.
  • Provide them with vivid examples how your items can help to solve customers’ problems. Remember that no brilliant description will work unless you spice it up with some undeniable facts. By clearly showing to your consumers how they can fix their issues using your “magic” stain remover or a hair shampoo you get a step closer to a long awaited conversion.

Clear visual presentation

One more essential aspect of a quality product presentation is a professionally created image. As long as your customers have no opportunity to touch, smell or try on your store products they need at least a detailed depiction of their potential purchase.

What to do

  • zoom-proDepending on particular product characteristics choose the right angle to show your items from the best side. Like the verbal descriptions they should clearly tell customers in what situations they can be used. For example, if you are specializing in apparel, provide your visitors with bright pictures of models wearing your store items. By demonstrating your dresses or jackets in dynamic you help consumers easier understand whether their choice is right.
  • For better images perception scale all your pictures to one size and make sure that customers won’t spend a lot of time downloading them. All these small things are like parts of a big puzzle and as soon as you miss one part the whole picture of a successful store will never be completed.
  • Let customers thoroughly examine your products. With the help of Zoom Pro extension by Amasty your visitors will easily zoom in and out any thumbnail and product images. Carefully checking out your store items they will definitely feel like in a real shop. The module allows not only zoom particular image areas, but to see full-sized product pictures due to its light box option turning your store pages into real eye candies.

We’ll be glad if our tips will help you optimize your e-shop and get more loyal customers. Feel free to ask your questions and share success stories in the comments section.