The Christmas is coming, and in Great Britain it means the start of the anniversary High Street brands traditional video ad competition, that has become as common as a Christmas tree, mince pieces or mistletoes.

Over the last years usual promotional ads have turned to the highly expensive short movies and became a seasonal piece of art. Global and local brands promote Christmas spirit and cocker people with marvelous magical stories. On this race of creativity and crazy spendings, companies stand on head to present the most tear dropping and remarkable video.

By melting customers’ hearts, they gently convince them to spend holidays budget on their stores. Since Coca-Cola van phenomenon, more and more brands lay themselves out trying to tie them up with an enjoyable idea of Christmas.

The studies showed that a lot of people think the appearance of the advert marks the start of the Christmas. So, you can imagine what does it mean for brand’s fans not to see the usual “Santa’s wink at the end of the Coca-Cola 2016 advert” (like it happened this year).

We collected the best Christmas ads of 2016, that, we hope, inspire you to the new ideas and boost your holiday mood.  

John Lewis – #BusterTheBoxer


According to the media and views statistics, the true winner of the best Christmas adverts battle is John Lewis with its desperate boxer dog. Despite the fashion on tearful Christmas stories, the store bets on humor with success. The ad got more than 23,4 million views for 2 months and also collected a list of parodies.

Marks and Spencer – Christmas with love from Mrs Claus


Marks and Spencer chose the image of an elegant and stylish over 50-year-old Mrs. Claus, referring to their target audience. Like a secret agent, she on the quiet from her husband Santa Clause helps a little boy to make peace with his sister by delivering a desirable gift to her using a “R-Dolph” helicopter.

Aldi – Kevin The Carrot


A poem about a brave little carrot that would like to survive on Christmas day and escape from the dinner table. Surely, your children will enjoy this lovely tail.

Sainsbury – The Greatest Gift


The British supermarket chain tells us the story of a hard-working family man, who struggles with everyday deals in the hope to find some time for Christmas joy with his loved ones.

EDEKA Christmas ad


The next touching Christmas ad is from Germany. It seems like the lack of time for family members on holidays is a trending topic on Christmas ads in 2016. The German store chain EDEKA video shows us how children need our love and attention more than presents and money.

Burberry – The Tale of Thomas Burberry


The luxury clothes brand with more than 100-years history tells us about the life of its founder Thomas Burberry. The video looks more like a Hollywood film trailer starring Sienna Miller, Lily James, Domhnall Gleeson, and Dominic West.

TK Maxx – The Sing-Song


What do you usually expect from a Christmas ad if it starts with the scene of the typical family evening around the piano? I daresay that anyway you’re unconsciously prepare yourself to the attentive dialogs or Christmas songs. With the slogan “Christmas is best when it’s more surprising” the British store TK Maxx turned a typical British family to the Black Eyed Peas cover band, that sing “Pump it” in a very extraordinary way. Just watch it.

Allegro – English for beginners


Ta-da! The second non-British ad in our Christmas commercials shortlist is shot by Allegro online store, that created an amusing video with a touching outcome about an aged Polish man who has started intensive English learning by himself with a newly ordered coursebook. Honestly, for our team, it’s one of the best Christmas ads in 2016.

H&M – Come Together


One more movie advert from a High Street brand that was directed by Wes Anderson – the “father” of Hotel Grand Budapest, and starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody, whose character follows the groups of traveling passengers on Christmas. The unpredictable situation with journey detention inspires the staff to prepare the train set for the feast celebration on the go.

Temptations – Keep them busy


The holidays season is an exciting period not only for humans. Christmas bright and jingling decoration can’t be ignored by curious and restless pets, who are so mad about the destruction of this holiday’s glitz. The feature of the Temptation’s video ad is of course in its actors: you can’t be indifferent to the cat video, even if it’s a commercial.

If you need more Christmas inspiration, you may check our last year ads collection, hope, you’ll enjoy it 🙂 Merry Christmas!