Retail blogs are becoming more popular among small and boutique retailers. And e-commerce extension providers work hard to cover this niche providing appropriate modules (like Amasty’s Magento blog extension). Subscribing the news feeds and checking out the latest updates in their email inboxes, the retailers can:

  • Keep a close eye on the latest trends in the retail world;

  • Engage with the loyal customers;

  • Remain aware of the latest technological innovations;

  • Stay informed about the new revolutionary ways of accepting payments, etc.

Looking through the list of the top retail blogs for 2018, you will be able to pick the resources that provide the content that appeals to you the most and will help you run your business more successfully.

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Build a Professional Web Presence for Your Retail Shop

Is the retail business dying out? No way! It is transformed in the new forms and shapes that are more appealing to the contemporary web audience. Did you guess what we are talking about? It’s become indispensable for every business that wants to reach the wider audiences and boost sale rates to launch their official websites. Luckily, today you do not need to invest thousands of dollars into the custom designs built from scratch. Things have become so much easier with the launch of the ready-made designs and the digital marketplaces like TemplateMonster. In fact, this was the initiative of the giant themes provider to launch this post and provide you with some sort of inspiration on how to achieve a better success in the retail business.

Every local retail store can grow the clients reach by means of the cleverly designed, developed and optimized online resource. Choosing the right eCommerce platform and the most optimal design that reflects your brand identity are probably the first and foremost decisions that every business owner needs to make. The eCommerce market has grown truly competitive and huge. There are plenty of online platforms and designs that can help you launch your business with the minimum effort. For example, lots of retailers opt for Magento and ready-made Magento themes. This will be the optimal solution to everyone searching for the ways to sell online and boost sales. There are other solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and other platforms that are ready to help you launch the official web presence for your retail shop worry-free.

Top 10 Retail Blogs

Retails Insider

The blog is founded by the business writer who specializes in the retail, food and drink sectors. The Retails Insider blog provides not only the news and latest updates from the retail world. It also includes loads of reputable opinions and insights on the retail industry sector. The blog provides the behind-the-scenes insight into the look of the small business retailers in the UK.


Retail Minded

The blog is generally considered to be one of the most useful online resources for independent retailers and small business owners. Founded by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle in 2007, the Retail Minded has been the go for blog to everyone looking for the expert advice on the topics including sales, marketing, staffing, etc. The founder of the blog communicates with the independent retailers and small business owners. A small business owner herself, she has also been the Spokesperson for Small Business Saturday since 2014.


Forrester Retail Blog

This is one of the largest and most reliable blogs, to which the retailers refer searching for the ways to boost the income of their businesses. This is the goldmine of a number of the useful information for retailers, featuring the information about the current trends, researches, stats, and other data. The blog mainly targets larger retail chains. This is also a place where retailers can find some sort of inspiration and technological tendencies that can help you influence the way the customers behave in the retailer’s store.


The Graff Retail

Every retailer is interested in the most innovative and effective ways to boost sales. The site is all about providing the expert recommendations on how to improve the sales rates in the retail store and influence the customers’ buying decisions. The articles are short and simple, with each of them being focused on highlighting the specific aspect of working in the retail business. In addition to the blog post, you can check out the Graff Retails TV for the online training tips to encourage more sales.



As the name suggests, the blog covers all the things related to the creation of the effective designs for retail purposes. The site is proud to list such popular names as Adidas, Diesel, and Hillarys among the top clients. They have the experience of working with the top trends. Curated by the expert design specialists, they will teach you how to get the foot traffic through the layout of the retail store. With their help, you can gain commercial success through insight and good design.


Retail Eye

The blog is the must-refer-to place to everyone looking for the retailing news, trends, and best practices. It is run by the global retail consulting practice – the J. C. Williams Group. The best thing about this blog is that the experts provide the global perspective on the innovative approach to the trends and the latest practices in the retail industry. Everyone who wants to get the better understanding about the retail, marketing, commerce, and social media, the Retail Eye site is the best blog to follow.


The National Retail Federation

The NRF site is notable not only because of the informative and valuable educational content. This is also a place where the retailers can find their inspiration to take some actions. The main objective of the site is to make the retailers think and make the positive changes, which can make the retailers more successful and customers satisfied. As it’s started on the NRF site, their mission is to advance the interests of the retail industry through advocacy, communications and education.



The blog highlights every single aspect that’s happening in the payment and commerce industries. To be more specific, it covers all the things related to the innovative payment methods and everything that is related to the ways customers and retailers interact. It highlights all aspects of how to keep the data of your site protected from the fraud of any kind. The blog contains lots of the informative and interactive content, which is presented in the forms of the interviews, audio/video materials, surveys, discussions, etc.


Retail Customer Experience

Retail Customer Experience is all about the way the today’s customers do online shopping. The site contains lots of useful posts, webinars, whitepapers, and other types of content that are intended to help retailers better understand customer behavior. It’s focused to let the retailers compete on the experience instead of price. A satisfied customer is known to grow the retail revenue manifolds.


Innovative Retail Technologies

Following the updates of this blog, you will be aware of the latest news and innovations in the retail tech field. The site contains news articles, reports, guest opinions, and other kind of information that will keep you informed about the latest news and insights into the retail world. The site will be especially useful to those of you looking for the inspiration and new technologies that can be implemented into your own business. Owing to the professional and qualified expert insights, you will be able to make the right retail strategy to make your business a success.


Do you have other suggestions on the top trending retail blogs that are worth to be followed in 2018? Please share your thoughts in the comments.