Hey to Amasty blog readers!

My name is Victor Kravtsov and I work as a Product Manager for Amasty. Today, I’d like to tell you about my personal experience of visiting Meet Magento Prague in April this year.

The event has been exciting for me from the very first minute. I know Meet Magento events is a fantastic chance to collaborate, share experience and be heard. However, recognition of the fact this is THE Meet Magento event and that I’ve got a chance to participate as a speaker – I trust beginner’s luck, – has made me downright bothered.

But as soon as I joined the #meetmagento family, I understood all my worries were in vain. More than 400 participants from Europe and the US gathered at the CineStar movie theatre. These were people with all types of background: owners of large businesses, small merchants, marketing experts, Magento developers and IT companies. But there were also those who have just gone in for e-commerce and are not too hot at Magento yet. I’d like to give special thanks to the #mm17cz organizer – NekloThe guys made a great job, both the official part and the afterparty were mind-blowing!

If for some reasons you couldn’t visit the event, take it easy as I brought the brightest ideas with me. So, that’s where we are now:

7  guiding ideas spoken at the conference

Latest Magento news  – Ben Marks | Magento Evangelist — Magento Commerce

To meet with and hear the Magento evangelist Ben Marks is an awe-inspiring possibility to learn the latest Magento news firsthand. So, here is what I have managed to find out:

  • firstly, Magento is being expanded: the opening of a new office in China is planned;
  • secondly, Magento 2.2 RC is claimed to take place in the next 60 days. P.S. As of this writing Magento 2.2 RC has been released;
  • thirdly, the prime objectives of the new version are B2B orientation and the all-new ‘social FB connector’ feature. Let’s wait and see.

The guiding idea #1: It was interesting to hear and share with you the latest Magento news from Ben Marks. Being a Product Manager I can say it’s of extreme value, as it helps to decide on a course of your own actions and company’s business line.  

A story of start up – Roman Sysel | Taxify

An amazing story about a nineteen-year-old student who made a startup in 15+ countries. Before he used to work for KPMG and PwC (that make up the Big4), which has led him to a decision to start his own business. Having joined Taxify in 2015, Roman’s hard work and inexhaustible aiming at career progress have led to the company’s year-to-year growth. Having begun with 5k EUR borrowed from parents, he has earned +50 m EUR in 4 years.

The guiding idea #2: Roman has shared his thoughts about the importance of perfect confidence in your ability to succeed. Being a Product Manager, I know how it’s important to push the matter through all the main studies of a project: initiation, planning, controlling, closing the project, you need to make every possible effort and never give up.

People are the key to company’s success – Filip Snasel | Fujitsu

The guiding idea #3: I agree wholeheartedly that staff members is the most valuable company resource. Our company has an excellent team and I’m sure we’ll develop still more ultimate solutions by combined efforts.

Mobile ONLY and animation to grab your customer’s attention – Kristina Pototskaya | TriggMine

It was a lively presentation! Due to some issue with the remote control, Kristina introduced some elements of dance in her speech:)

The guiding idea #4: Come to think of it, I strongly agree that fascinating professionally-designed animation and unconventional customized approach is what we need to catch customer’s interest and convey flood of positive emotions. Even if a client won’t buy a product on your store on the first try, he/she will definitely want to return to it, as you’ve made the day.

Developers stepping into M2 start much faster if they did not have experience with M1 – Max Yekaterynenko | Magento Commerce  

According to Max Yekaterynenko, M1 developer’s experience hinders him in M2 developing due to ‘bad habits’.

The guiding idea #5: It was pretty awkward but effective to hear the background experience might keep you away from efficient work. 

A story of non profitable business – Petr Fejk | Keynote — director of Prague Zoo

I was quite overwhelmed with the story about all the incredible efforts that had had to be made after the devastating flood of 2002, thanks to which now it makes Top 10 world’s best zoos.

The guiding idea #6: This is a great man and his key story about incredible efforts and how to set up a business that matters. You need to be a strong person to start a business from scratch after such an unforeseen consequence.  

How to create websites that are effortless to use – Victor Kravtsov | AMASTY

7+ years of experience in e-commerce and Magento have hit me upon the idea to speak about a stress-free approach to the online shopping. The main goal of the approach is a transparent and smooth path through all the main purchase stages. I’ve also tried to touch on the design trends topic, to talk about virtual assistance and a smooth navigation, which is the core for any online store user friendliness.  

The main message I wanted to send is that you need to develop a beautiful design, supply your store with easy and smoothly-working navigation, bring out positive emotions from your customers, show them a clear way to move forward and provide them with the logical checkout. 

The guiding idea #7: Give users wonderful emotions with an easy to use webstore.

So, in conclusion, I’d say the conference has brought out only positive emotions. I’ve been to the Czech Republic for the first time and fallen in love with Prague. Among other things, I’ve promised to visit the city again. I’m sure #meetmagento family will grow rapidly and flourish. Amasty and I personally will take an active part in the events in future.