Top-8 eCommerce books to read this summer

Summertime is perfect not only for sunbathing and surfing but also for plunging into the world of brilliant business ideas hidden in the spectacular and useful book-guides on our shortlist. Either a newbie in eCommerce or an enthusiast to come up with the Next Big Thing, it’s a must for you to add these trendiest books to your professional literature shelf.

#1 “Launch

Written by: Jeff Walker

Top 8 eCommerce books Launch secret formula

Jeff Walker, the author of the book was granted a status of the pro in matters of converting everything he touches into money. He is considered to be the reformist of eCommerce machine. A marketing tutor in great demand, he wrote a book that is said to be “a license to print money” by the best-selling author of New York Times and co-founder of PlatformUniversity. “Launch” unveils the secrets of the mighty of this world and provides effective solutions and strategies on how to milk your opportunities for all they are worth and set up a thriving business of evolve into something bigger.

#2 “Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook”

Written by: Bart Delvaux and Nurul Ferdous

Top 8 eCommerce books - Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook

A smashing hit by a creative tandem of Belgian web-developer Bart Delvaux, being one of the first to receive Magento Certified Developer and Magento Certified Developer Plus, and Bangladeshi IT specialist and a Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer Nurul Ferdous, is aimed at guiding newbies through the jungles of Magento website creation and deploying. Clear message, embodied in a logical structure, explains the basics of Magento from catalog configuration to Cron settings and creation of the events. Profound textual contents and vivid infographic materials will lead you up the path to Magento webpage performance optimization, devoid of any bugs.

#3 “Grokking Magento: Book 1 – Magento Basics and Request Flow”

Written by: Vinai Kopp

Top 8 eCommerce books - Grokking Magento

If you’re already well-acquainted with PHP and OOP and consider yourself a highly-experienced developer, who is eager to step into the world of Magento, the book by a passionate web-developer and an active member of Magento community advisory board is a must on your bookshelf. A knacky concept of a cookbook with creative recipes and optimal solutions of web-developing kitchen will turn you into the Chef of Coding in no time. The book with a strong accent on practice indulges into the core of Magento architecture. It’ll also serve as a great tutor for Magento Certified Developer Exam (MCD).

#4 “Get Content Get Customers

Written by: Joe Pulizzi

Top 8 eCommerce books - Get Content Get Customers

This book is a real catch for small and medium-sized retailers, who seek for a clear and useful guide on best marketing practices for company customizing. “Get Content Get Customers”, read at a sitting, offers innovative solutions for implementing effective marketing strategies and content generating and ingestion to reach your core public and attract new clients.

#5 “Everyday Entrepreneurs”

Written by: Ken Horn

Top 8 eCommerce books - Everyday Entrepreneurs

If you are not planning to take over the world as a head of transnational corporation, but just want to enjoy financial freedom through starting up your own business, a book by a successful business advisor Ken Horn is just the ticket. The author of “Everyday Entrepreneurs” has nailed it with creating an informational guide, crammed with examples, on how to stop worrying and love the business challenge. The book is apprehensible even for those who have just come up with the idea of leaving behind the job, working for someone but himself

#6 “The Risk-Driven Business Model: Four Questions That Will Define Your Company

Written by: Karan Girotra, Serguei Netessine

Top 8 eCommerce books - The Risk-Driven Business Model

The teamwork of two professors at INSEAD and the authors of numerous articles for, the Economist, Forbes, the Financial Times and the New York Times has been highly praised by the experts of media giants for being a valuable guide in business world. The message of the book is to teach you how to manage two main types of risk – information and incentive-alignment – to let your business thrive. Timely lectures by tutors from such worldwide companies as Apple, Blockbuster, Walmart and the like are included in the book.

#7 “Pitching & Closing

Written by: Alexander Taub, Ellen DaSilva

Top 8 eCommerce books - Pitching & Closing

The creation of a senior business operations analyst for Twitter (Ellen DaSilva) and the co-founder of SocialRank (Alex Taub) features an A-to-Z tutorial on to establish a beneficial partnership network to let your business  bloom and cut off the ropes that hamper your evolution. “Pitching & Closing” embodies mainstream methodology and effective approach to make you skillful at sourcing the deals, turning “no” into “yes”, monitoring core metrics for a wise time-investment and lot more.

#8 “The Fundraising Rules

Written by: Mark Peter Davis

Top 8 eCommerce books - The Fundraising Rules

The reality is that whatever a skillful entrepreneur you may be, you are not necessarily that good at fundraising for your business. Mark Peter Davis, the author of “The Fundraising Rules”, having been on both sides of the fence as a start-up entrepreneur and venture capitalist, sees which way the wind is blowing. The book embodies a step-by-step guide, leaking invaluable pieces of advice and effective strategies how to win the trust of the investors and raise a required round of cash.