The global economy shaken by quarantines and lockdowns doesn’t stimulate businesses to build long-term strategies. Yes, now is not the best time for any face-to-face business. However, people are turning online for shopping, which is a good sign for e-commerce.

Here too there are nuances, as Adobe says in the DEI report and we all see from demand shifting, customers are now filling carts with products for health, items for home work-place arrangement and social distancing.

Yet, when demand for groceries has increased, lifting the online price by 4.6%, the prices for electronics and home & garden products have deflated by -44% and -30% correspondingly:

DEI report by Adobe


The only thing we do understand now is that digital purchasing power is growing and offline shopping concedes e-commerce with the need for social distancing.

We understand that not all of our clients sell essentials and medical supplies, therefore, we’ve prepared a special Anti-Crisis Program. The program includes packs (you’ll see them below) for different business needs and comes with special services:

  • 15% off their original price
  • 6 months of free support
  • free installation
  • 90 days of money back

What are these packs?


Pack #1


Set up contactless delivery to contain the spread of COVID-19

Out of Stock Notifications

Use case: Say, you have a store in Germany, and some goods you order from Italy. Even though the transportation of goods between countries is not limited, the lockdown slows down the shipping. And long downtime increases the cost of goods. The out-of-stock notifications module sends emails about price changes to subscribed customers.
price notification by out of stock m2

Order Attributes

no-contact delivery m2
Use case: You want to offer contactless delivery to protect the employees and customers. This extension for order attributes can add a special ‘no-contact delivery’ field to your checkout page to inform shoppers about the option.

Shipping Restrictions

Use case: Say, some neighboring countries are in quarantine and you can’t send orders there. Set up shipping restriction rules and inform your customers about the current limitations in time.
restriction for canada only for m2

Product Labels

anti-covid product labels for m2
Use case: For example, you’ve already enabled the no-contact delivery at your store. Inform visitors about products that can be delivered with no contacts, ensure that they are safely packed, highlight sales, special offers, make notable new and top-selling products with catchy labels.



Pack #2


Handle international supplies’ issues

Out of Stock Notification

back-in-stock notification m2
Use case: Shoppers now see more ‘out-of-stock’ pages as supply chains are frozen or overloaded. Inform your customers on what products are currently unavailable and let them know when they are back in stock via email. Add the stock subscription to product pages and avoid losing customers.

Custom Stock Status

Use case: Say, some of your goods are currently out-of-stock, but you know that a new batch will arrive in a few days. So, this plugin can create a custom stock status and inform your visitors that the prods will be back in stock in, say, 3 days. Or in case you have a limited amount of items in stock, you can enable a status like ‘only 3 left’.

Gift Card

Use case: Because of social distancing, many people are forced to cancel their birthday parties. But they still want to feel festive and be around friends and family. Given that the #houseparty app soared in the App Store rating from 304th to the 1st place with 2 million downloads in just 1 week, the demand exists. Offer gift cards for birthdays and other holidays to your shoppers to bring people together without breaking the quarantine.



Pack #3


Grow business awareness through free sales channels

Product Feed

Use case: Say, you have one main selling channel – Magento 2 store. You may lose up to 86% of users that start searching for products on shopping platforms like Amazon, Google Shopping,, Bing, Facebook. Reach this audience importing products’ data from the Magento store in a few mins with the feed templates.

Follow Up Email

Use case: Let’s suppose that you did not pay much attention to the newsletters before the crisis. Now is the best time to start. Email marketing has one of the biggest ROI – around 4400%. You can significantly increase your sales with minimal costs automating the dispatch process with our extension.

Instagram Widget 

Use case: Assuming that you have a business profile on Instagram with active subscribers, why not use it for bringing new users to your website? Social network traffic has increased by 80% because people stay at home. Benefit from user-generated content to improve product performance with this catchy widget. Show lively product photos, likes, and comments from Instagram.



Pack #4


Optimize your checkout

AJAX Shopping Cart

Use case: Keep your revenue stable by increasing the average cheque, let customers see related products they may be interested in when clicking the ‘add to cart’ button.
ajax cart m2

Free Gift

Use case: Another way you can motivate customers to buy more is by enabling promotions. Say, you have a cosmetics store. Offer a free sample of perfume for each $50 spent. Thus, you will not only increase your revenue but also retain customers. Up to 35% of customers return to buy the product after trying a free trial.

Thank You Page

Use case: Suppose that you want to reduce costs on marketing. On average, it’s 5-10 times cheaper to retain the returned customer than attract a new one. Add a subscription form to the thank you page to convert subscribers into regular customers.



No matter how rough it gets, we want you to know that we are open to collaborations and ready to develop an individual offer for your business.

What do we offer right now?

Or simply leave any of your questions in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out!

Stay safe and healthy!