Nowadays, mobile responsiveness has become a key concern of every website maker. Irrespective of the domain you’re designing for, ensuring 100% mobile-ready status for your site is a necessity to hold the attention of targeted customers. If you’ve chosen Magento for powering your e-commerce website then this blog post will serve as a handy guide. Here, I’ve covered details about some finest tools/services that work as the right means for enriching your existing Magento e-store with mobile-friendly features.

You should remember that one of such features is one-click payment, and you can easily set up it with a Magento Stripe extension.

A closer look at Responsive web design and its growing significance

Responsive web design (RWD) is basically an approach to web design wherein the created website offers an optimal viewing experience across multiple mobile devices with varying screen dimensions. Whether it’s related to ease of navigation or reading, a website built using responsive web design functions perfectly both on desktop computers as well as smartphones and tablets. The responsive web design technology basically relies on the usage of proportion specific grids containing page elements with images sized in relative units. Moreover, there are some CSS3 media queries which allow the web page to use CSS style rules which are unique for every category of mobile device.

Now, here’s a look at two prominent reasons which make Responsive design a necessity for your e-store/website.

  1. Mobile usage will continue to increase in the coming years

The sky-rocketing usage of mobile devices has provoked online merchants to opt for an e-store that loads and functions perfectly on all mobile devices. If you look at the stats, you’ll find that more than 20 percent of Google searches are now being executed via the mobile devices. While 2014 saw mobile internet usage surpass desktop usage, the trend will continue to exist in 2015 as well.

  1. Google recommends responsive web design

The Google Internet giant recommends responsive web design to all website design and development professionals. The reason is Google prefers crawling websites built using responsive web design. It finds it convenient to index and organize all the content that’s included within such websites/e-stores, simply because they include a single URL along with the same HTML across multiple mobile gadgets.

Finally, here’s a coverage of leading tools/services which allow you to ascertain mobile-friendly nature of e-commerce stores:
  1. Tenfoot


Tenfoot serves as an excellent service which allows you to create a mobile responsive version of your Magento e-commerce store. You can equip your e-store with large-sized fonts, impressive touch gestures support and a highly intuitive navigation. If you go for the premium version of Tenfoot, you’ll be able to avail a free setup, unlimited visits per month, unlimited SKUs, zero transaction fees, phone+email-support, a fully-functional web app and a native app for your e-store (applicable for iOS powered devices). Currently, Tenfoot supports Magento Community edition 1.5+.

  1. Mobify


Mobify is yet another brilliant tool that allows you to go responsive with your Magento e-commerce store, without compromising on the marketing software that’s being out to use. Quite similar to an analytics tag, Mobify integrates into your e-store, thereby making specific adjustments to the e-store’s presentation layer. Offering you a handy list of meaningful customer experience metrics, Mobify allows you to take smarter decisions regarding the upliftment of your Magento e-store.

  1. Shopgate


As one of the most recommended advanced toolkits for mobile e-commerce businesses, Shopgate allows you to create a native data-driven app and mobile version for your Magento store. Some remarkable features incorporated within apps (iPhone, iPad and Android) and mobile-friendly e-stores built using Shopgate include:

  • Daily deals
  • Store locators
  • Push Notifications
  • Barcode
  • QR code scanners
  • Mobile Image Recognition
  • Order Tracking
  • In-Store Pickup and Payment
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Mobile Coupons and many more.
  1. CouchCommerce


If achieving a fully responsive version for your Magento e-store is on your mind then CouchCommerce is a perfect tool for you. Powered by ccustomizable open source web app technology, CouchCommerce can work both as a self-hosted solution or as a service on a unique Enterprise SaaS platform. Impressive benefits available with apps/mobile-responsive websites built using CouchCommerce include: third-party integrations, constant updates, scalability, real touch gestures, offline functionality, fastest loading time, and a lot more.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all about the finest tools/services that work wonders for loading your Magento e-store with features and functionality that make it ready-to-use for all smartphone, smart tablet and desktop users. Hope you’ll definitely give them a try as you plan to switch to a mobile-compatible mode for your Magento e-commerce store.