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No need to tell you the holiday season is up and running – you’re definitely smelling it in the air.

Our support department is usually answering a lot of questions about how to set up this or that promotion rule. Below you can find a couple of uncommon but very requested examples which are possible to set up using promotion extensions from Amasty.

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How to set up discounts based on discounted product quantity

In the latest updates for Auto Add Promo Items (Free Gift) for Magento 1 and 2 and Special Promotions Pro for Magento 1 we’ve added a new product condition: Stock Qty. With this condition, you can check the remaining qty in stock. This opens the possibility to set up promotion rules having various discount amounts depending on the stock level.

This product condition is perfect for selling leftovers or making sure that your holiday campaign won’t be promoting products that are running out of stock soon.

Example 1. Overstock!

Here’s the rule we want to create: “50% off until qty reaches 100, then 30% until 20 qty, then disable”.

Special Promotions Pro for Magento 1 can do this, easy-peasy. For implementing this campaign, you will need two promo rules.

Here’s how the first 50% off rule should look like:

another Magento promo rule based on stock quantity

When the stock goes below 100, the rule stops working. Now, to give a discount when stock is from 20 to 100 items, add the following rule:

promo rule based on stock quantity with Magento

The first rule will be activated when there are more than 100 items of abl005 SKU in stock, and the second rule will fire up when stock drops to 100 and below well until it reaches 20.

Using Discount Amount and Stock Qty conditions, you can create complex promo combinations which won’t ruin your campaign by getting you out of stock.

As of now I have 98 ‘abl005’ products in stock, so this ridiculously overpriced Roller Suitcase should receive a 30% discount as follows:

stock based Magento promo rule

Pro tip

Make sure you plan and test your Magento settings for promotions beforehand. During the holiday season, we are receiving a lot of requests from customers who have set up ads and email campaigns and found out that they can’t make the promotion extensions work the way they want.

The safest way is to test your conditions at least a week before the actual campaign start, so that you are able to read the user guides, play with the settings or ask the extensions developer if something’s not clear – all this without making the shoppers upset about the promised but missing discount.

Example 2. Be the first!

Here’s another rule we want to create for the upcoming flash Black Friday sale: “Be one of the first ten people to buy a product and get a gift for free!”

Say, we’re going to give free fitness videos to the first ten customers who buy a jump rope. It’s a perfect way to create urgency with no need to control the quantity of the sold items manually.

This is what Auto Add Promo Items (Free Gift) extension can do on both Magento 1 and 2. The promo rule for this option on Magento 2 will look like this:

promo rule on Magento 2

I have 100 items of 24-UG02 SKU in stock, so I want to cut off the promo after selling 10 pieces, when the stock reaches 90. The result will look like this:

shopping cart on magento 2 showing quantity based promo rules

There you have it – two relatively simple rules for more effective campaigns can be easily set up with Amasty extensions. Any questions, as always, are welcome. Thanks for reading!