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[UPDATE] Please note that this offer has expired. See the details here.

Great news for existing Amasty customers!

From this day, we’re offering a 50% discount on upgrading your Magento 1 extensions to their Magento 2 versions.

How it works

If you bought our M1 extension and there is an M2 equivalent available at out store, you can buy the M2 version with a 50% off.

To get this offer, simply log into your account and navigate to the Upgrade to Magento 2 tab. You’ll see the extensions that are available with the discount:

Magento 2 dicsountQ&A on the offer


I have bought three copies of Improved Layered Navigation for M1.

Great! Then you’ll be able to get the same amount of copies of M2 – three licenses.

I think my support/updates period for M1 has ended. Do I need to renew it to get the offer?

No. We’ll give you this 50% off even if your support period is over.

How does it work with Amasty loyalty program?

If you jump into this offer, your personal discount won’t be summing up. It means you’ll have exactly the 50% discount on upgrading your extensions to M2.

Also, when you upgrade your extensions to M2, your total spent amount, which can be seen in the loyalty program tab in your account, will be boosted with an actual sum you’re spending on upgrade.

Example: Your total amount spent is $400. You’re upgrading your Improved Layered Navigation copy, which is $299, and in terms of the deal you’re getting it for $149.50. Your total amount spent will be $400+$149.50=$549.50, and the personal discount for future purchases will be calculated from this amount.

We do hope this offer will make your transition to Magento 2 easier and smoother.

If there are any questions left, don’t hesitate to comment below or drop an email at support@amasty.com.

Have a great day!