How to use Amasty extensions like a pro

When designing feature-rich and actionable tools for your Magento store (Magento 2 SMTP extension, Product Part Finder and more), we also work hard on creating educational materials, so you could use Amasty extensions to its most.

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  1. First things first, we always welcome to read a user guide which is available on the extension page. You are very likely to find an answer there. Each manual explains how the features work and how to set up the extension.Amasty uset guides
  2. Have a more complicated question? Great, then we invite you to look for an answer in Amasty Knowledgebase. It has tens of frequently asked questions and replies/solutions for them.
  3. If this doesn’t help, we’re always happy to receive your question at

Apart from user guides and knowledgebase articles, we regularly publish in-depth articles about advanced using of Amasty extensions. Bookmark this page to quickly reach this collection of instructions!

Articles about advanced usage of Amasty extensions

How to combine Amasty shipping extensions for advanced tasks

The article shows examples of combining several Amasty shipping extensions for delicate shipping fine-tuning.

How to set up follow-up emails in Magento using customer segments

The article explains several combinations of extension settings for follow-ups and customer segmentation.

Little-known Amasty extensions features: GeoIP Data import

The article explains the process of importing GeoIP data and gives the solution for the common issue that may appear during the import.

Magento Layered Navigation: best settings for SEO

A must-read tutorial for those who are using Amasty Improved Layered Navigation extension. This article explains how you can use this module for expanding your SEO traffic via creating highly targeted landing pages.

Creating a Google Shopping feed with Magento Product Feed extension

Step-by-step nstructions to create your first Google Shopping Feed using Amasty Product Feed extension.

How to setup a Google product feed using the new wizard

You’ve probably noticed that we updated Product Feed extension to 3.3.0 version and added an interesting feature. Now there’s a wizard for creating a Google shopping feed.

How to setup a Google product feed using the new wizard

Little-known Amasty extensions features: Shipping Type in Shipping Table Rates

The article explains how shipping type feature from Amasty Shipping Table Rates works and how you can use it for your Magento store.

How to add Product Parts Finder blocks to pages

In the user guide, we described options of adding the Product Parts Finder block on certain pages via the admin panel. But often this method is not enough for merchants, so we described ways of adding Product Parts Finder block on various pages of your Magento store.

How to add Product Parts Finder blocks to pages

If you have suggestions for further tutorials, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment – we’d be happy to help.