Free Magento theme

Today we are glad to introduce you to the brand new free Magento 2 theme F2 by our friends from TemplateMonster.

There are not so many themes built for Magento 2 yet, not to mention free ones. That’s why F2 would be a lifesaver for any online store owner who has chosen to migrate to the new version of this e-commerce platform.

But do you need to update your store immediately? Let’s just say, the earlier you get acquainted with the new Magento, the less painful will be the transfer. That’s why, even if you are not planning to update your store in the near future, it’s better to know what is waiting for you anyway.

Below is a short overview of the most exciting features for both developers and end users. We believe it should help you decide, whether to update, or not.

  1. Faster and more scalable. Magento 2 has proven to be twice (sometimes even thrice) faster in comparison with its predecessor. It comes with a full page caching, which reduces the number of database queries and therefore, boosts the load speed.
    It is also able to withstand more simultaneous queries to the same database table by reducing table locking, which was a self-inflicted mini DDoS-apocalypse for Magento 1.x users.
  1. Modern technologies under the hood. Magento 2 is built with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and LESS preprocessor. Its developers have fully renovated the code, got rid of obsolete plugins, and cleaned up the mess left after the previous versions. The new Magento is clean and optimized for modern browsers and devices.
  1. Better checkout process. Your customers will experience more fluent and intuitive checkout, comparing to Magento 1.x.
  1. New file structure. Magento 2 provides a smarter file structure with every module having its own View directory, which significantly simplifies module development.
  1. This list is growing with every update. Magento 2 is a new platform, and most of its features are yet to come. It is already better that 1.x in menu respects, and with hundreds of native themes and extensions the choice will be obvious for everyone.

F2 Overview

Now let’s dig deeper into this theme to reveal its ins and outs. Our spotlight starts with the most visible part of every digital product – the design of its frontend.

Page layouts


Magento 2 theme homepage

The homepage of F2 is image-rich and captivating. In the top you can see a page-sized slider, which is a smart way to present your top products to your least patient visitors (as they don’t have to go anywhere, or even to scroll down the page to see the offers).

Large image blocks intersperse with clean lightweight carousel sliders, visually distinguishing each part of the layout.

Catalogue page

Magento 2 catalogue page

This layout is used for category pages and search results. It provides such display settings as grid and list views, sorting by position, name and price, and the number of products per page.

It features a convenient left sidebar with various filters. Those include: year, color, material, Magento 2 price filter, season, and size.

Product page

Magento 2 theme product page

The product page of F2 is optimized for conversion and usability. Its core part consists of a product gallery with a slider and a block with the most important pickers and buttons, including ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Add to Wishlist’ and ‘Add to Compare’.

Below you can see content blocks arranged in tabs. They are highly flexible, so it’s up to you to decide, what content will be here. By default this area displays product descriptions and reviews, but you can customize it in order to change the number tabs and their content.

In the bottom there are blocks with featured and similar products, which are intended to increase your store’s average order value via upselling and cross-selling.



Magento 2 theme menu

F2 features two menu bars: one on in the top and one on the right. They spread the navigation along the edge of the layout, freeing some screen space for content. The top bar contains product dropdown menus with categories and static pages, whereas the right bar provides basic eCommerce functionality (search, login, settings, checkout, etc.). After you click on any item of the right menu, it expands to fit the screen, so you don’t have to aim like a professional first person shooter player to hit a needed UI element.

Both of the menus are sticky, which means that they are permanently on screen and can be immediately accessed from anywhere in the website.


Magento 2 theme swatches

Swatches are bound to the product gallery, allowing you to display different color variations of the same product. Your visitors just need to click a colored square in order to make another set of images appear.

Product labels

Magento 2 theme product labels

Other features

The basic choice of fonts is pretty well balanced, but you may want to customize your store with your own font combinations. The typography of this theme is powered by Google Fonts, which offer 600+ web-friendly typefaces for any taste.

If you want to change any of F2’s design elements, you can do it with the help of the layered source PSD files coming with the theme files.

F2 supports English, Spanish and German languages, and also 3 currencies: US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling.


As you might have already noticed, F2 is oriented at fashion stores, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for anything else. Applying it to a store of another topic is as simple as replacing the images. And since it’s free and flexible, you can endlessly experiment with it until you receive a design, which fully satisfies you.

Check the live demo, and download this freebie from its official website.