One of the important parts of marketing is brand community building. You may think that this is necessary only for large companies, but today, if you have only 1000 loyal customers, you already have a community. This is something bigger than selling high-quality products and customer loyalty. It’s more about experience exchange, feedback and connection with customers.
Today we will discuss why to create a community around your brand and how to do it.

Why is community building important?

There are 3 ways how a strong community can help your Magento store. Let’s consider them quickly.

Brand awareness and reach

Nowadays, word-of-mouth is still the most effective way to spread information, increase brand awareness and get more customers. People tend to trust friends’ recommendations and reviews more. So if you have a community of loyal customers, they turn your sales funnel into an hourglass by giving tips to their family and friends.

Affiliate plugin helps grow your sales from different channels, create promo banners for your affiliates, track statistic, and manage commission rate. Increase your brand awareness by creating an Affiliate program!

Marketing research

Hawthorne effect is the reason why all traditional marketing research tools can be useless. It leads to distorted results because people change their behavior when they know about a survey. But community members can give you the needed information. People share their opinions on forums and social networks. You just need to collect this data and process it.

Brand loyalty

The community will help you not only find new clients but also improve their loyalty. Say, you have a community on Instagram. Now potential customers can subscribe to it when considering a purchase, new customers can address the community to learn more about your brand and future sales and more.

The number of these scenarios is endless but the result is the same – a loyal customer.

How to build a community around your Magento store?

Now you are probably asking the question: but how can I build a community? Firstly, be ready for a long way. This is not a quick process. In the very beginning, you should ask yourself some questions to understand where you are. Here they are:

WHAT is your brand? Define your mission. It should be clear and unique. This will determine what kind of people will join your community and what values they have.

HOW will you use your community? A community is a wrong place to advertise your products and services. People come there to chat, find answers to their questions and share their ideas.

WHY should people join the community? Your community should have value. It can be useful information and tips, exclusive discounts or even real money from the affiliate program.

WHERE can they connect? According to the size of your business and audience, you can choose your website, blog or social network as a platform.

The right way to start

81% of brands use an affiliate program. There are thousands of examples of how you can use it. Say, you want to collaborate with a blogger or influencer – use affiliate program to track the results. Magento vendors provide specific modules simplifying the work with affiliate programs, and Amasty is not an exception. Meet our Affiliate module!

Affiliate by Amasty

This module was developed to make your work with affiliates simpler. Your customers can become affiliates by filling in their website and PayPal email fields in a customer account:

account settings

And from then on, they will see statistics about balance, traffic sources and withdrawals. Your clients will have access to promo banners that you can create in your Admin Panel.

You will have full control. Create new programs using flexible settings:

  • Choose Pay per Sale or Pay per Profit commission type;
  • Set a Fixed amount of money or Percent from the purchase price as the commission type;
  • Change the commission value for the second and following orders.

commission configuration

Create different discounts for affiliate programs. Choose a fixed amount discount for a product or the whole cart, set the percent of product price discount or create a Buy X Get Y Free rule:

discount rule

And of course, you can track all the transactions and withdrawals statistics on handy grids in your Admin Panel:

tracking grid

Affiliate marketing is a strong tool that can help you get your first Instagram subscribers or blog readers. It can give a powerful start to your community growth.

Use Affiliate extension to start community building around your Magento store!

In conclusion

Building a brand community is a big piece of work. And it will bring you not only profit but also the inspiration to work harder.

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