What Would Your Magento Store Wish for Christmas?

Have you ever imagined your Magento online store might have a soul? If the answer is positive, you should know it has its identity, mind and…Christmas wishes, of course! We’ve never thought such things exist. But at least one of our customers has a living store. Let’s listen to his story, who knows: maybe your store has a soul too? Here’s its Christmas letter.

“Dear John,

It’s been 3 years since you dropped your office job and gave birth to me. At first, I was unoptimized and not user-friendly at all. To be true, you weren’t able to cope with me really well. But you gathered some experience and, hopefully, things changed. Now I’m pretty much happy to monetize your efforts.

No one knows your customers like I do. So believe me John, I feel everything they think about me. And as you know (from the sales report you check) they are normally pretty much happy with me.

But one thing is…Well…We need to change one thing. We need to change my navigation very much ASAP.

Last Saturday one of our customers was looking for a Swiss watch (which would have bring you a little fortune), but he got lost in a variety of watches we offer.

He wanted a luxurious Longiness watch, but “dammit, they should have “Shop by brand” section or something… I have no time to search through hundreds of watches” spoiled all.

Oh my, what a customer it was! Thanks God, you weren’t listening to his cruel and nasty words about you and…me 🙁

Christmas is coming. May I ask you for something? It’s enough for us to use clear and modern Magento navigation to increase your revenue, so what about a little module, John?

Check this one. And don’t come back without it.

Your Magento Store.

If your store can write emails (or may be it can…speak?), send us your story. Let’s discover the psychology of Magento stores together. And Merry Christmas!