Keeping up with competition and the unstable economic climate, many companies are now dumping product prices up to the level below the cost price.

Amasty doesn’t do so. Why?

We have nothing to hide from you, let’s see first…

…who dumps prices


Dumping prices makes sense when you’re a newcomer in the market. Bringing attention to products this way, you make a statement: “Look at me, I’m here, like it or not!”, and stand out from competitors.

Amasty’s been in the market for 11+ years and we don’t want to boast, but our brand is on everyone’s lips across the Magento community. To back up what’s said from the outside the company, 579 customers give our products and services 9.5 out of 10 and 90% of them recommend our brand to others.

Seems like “newbies” is not our case? Okay, let’s move on then.

Companies with cash flow problems

Companies also dump product prices to propel the revenue up and cope with crisis situations. Doing this for short-term benefits, the businesses hope to gain one-time growth in revenue and catch up with competitors or take over their market. However, even successful companies can’t exist under such conditions for long. These measures in a long-term vision bring to total bankruptcy.

At the moment, we see no causes for cash flow problems. And we don’t want to endanger our employee’s financial status, as well as call into question the quality of extensions we release.

That’s the reason why we go another way. Now, let’s dive in and talk about our measures.

Amasty chooses to provide new services

We made 4 business-rescue packs with $0 fee for installation and 6-month support

Using our customers’ JTBD interview results and in-house analytics, we made the 4 packs. Each of them contains from 3 to 4 extensions that solve 1 business problem from different business sides.

Say, your problem is a low organic reach. This multi-channel pack solves it in 3 ways:
(a) uploads and sells products on shopping platforms (Amazon, Google, etc.);
(b) sends triggered follow-ups to return the shopping drifters;
(c) brings Insta audiences to your product pages.

Plus, what differs the packs from our regular bundles is the offer. This is the way we support clients, not with a huge discount (only 15%), but special conditions we provide for them, namely, free 6 months of support instead of 3 and free installation service.


We offer a start-up kit under the same conditions

Say, you sold flowers in a brick-and-mortar showroom and had no problems until now. What do I do now? Move online. Forget about running serious business on Instagram. Insta accounts are good for smaller dealers with a lower number of orders per day and enough support capacity. Besides, if you want to save on manual work, automate operational services. You can’t automate order processing on Instagram but you do can at an online store based on Magento 2.
Our start-up kit includes 5 extensions for each step of a basic customer journey at an e-store. It will move your business online on a tight budget and reduce costs for manual work.

Besides, now you can get 3 months free of Magento Commerce and ensure your team is ready to run and maintain an e-store on Magento with the free training starting on 1 July 2020.


We offer you to build your own pack of 5 mods and get an individual offer

Even if we compiled and analyzed the biggest ever data set, we wouldn’t learn about your individual needs. Among our customers, there’re businessmen who own several e-stores at once: the one for selling hand-made toys for children under 5 years, the second for selling car parts, the third sells sports inventory, the fourth – large-size tailored dresses, and so on. There’s no universal solution for the clients. If you feel like none of the ready packs match your needs, come and build your own and we’ll contact you back and make a tasty offer.

Moreover, if you see that none of our extensions meet your needs, we’re always ready to develop a custom solution of any complexity: an iOS mobile app, Magento integration with Zoho CRM, or turn-key website development. See a full range of services here or leave your email and project idea and our manager will contact you back to discuss it in detail.


We offer you to get M2 extensions for free with collected store credits

“Move, move and move” can be the motto for any business caught in a trap of a fragile economic situation. But what if you don’t have enough money for buying up those extension packs? Remember about your store credits. Have you already spent them? No, then look at the list of Magento 2 extensions under $100 you can get (practically) for free right now.


We extended the money-back period to 90 days for all products

Given most of you (our clients) don’t install extensions the day you acquire them, it shortened the period you could ask for a refund. We extended the guarantee from 60 to 90 days to address any misgivings and let you try the needed extension out.


And these no means all the services we have to offer. Right now we’re focused on the development of ad hoc solutions for different business sectors.

Don’t stay aside, leave your ideas in comments, we’ll take into account and reply to each of them!

P.S. We consistently advocate a case-by-case approach, so, stop struggling alone, email us at and we’ll discuss your situation one-on-one to work out a solution together.