Your online store is awesome. You’ve worked all the kinks out of your marketing strategy. Your landing pages seem to grab everyone’s attention at once. But your customers still leave your store without making purchases and all your attempts to boost conversions seem to be fruitless.  What’s wrong with your e-shop? What elements of a successful store puzzle have been missed? We hope our article will give you the answers to these questions.

Why Do You Let Customers Leave? Registration formYour registration form is too detailed.

Stop asking your potential customers unnecessary info. Your visitors don’t want to write autobiographical essays instead of making purchases. Remember, the shorter their way from the product page to the complete checkout is the higher chances to succeed you have. Thus, overloading your registration form with countless steps you risk to lose the client.

Think of real customers while creating your content.

No one denies the importance of text optimization for search engines. This is one of the most effective ways to raise site visibility and draw new clients. But be careful and don’t try too hard. There is no need to spice up your content with tones of SEO keywords just to please Google.  The best solution here is the balance between “special words for Google” and quality content for your customers. As we all know, high positions in search results won’t guarantee you success if your customers are not able to understand what you are writing about.

Why Do You Let Customers Leave? Clean the messSort out the mess in your store.

No one will be happy to stumble upon empty shelves in a real store. The same thing is about online shops. Check out whether you have any categories with no products added and immediately hide them from your customers. Take away everything that can irritate your visitors.

Don’t splash your offer in people’s faces.

After the product has been added to cart, please don’t get your clients frightened with hundreds of related items and recommendations that might spark interest in your visitors before they see the cart page. Showing up related items is a good marketing tool, if it’s used in the right way. Select only those items that really meet customers’ interests and do not distract them from purchases.

Why Do You Let Customers Leave? Keep an eye on your productsKeep an eye on your out-of-stock products.

When you come to a real store and find out that the products you are looking for are out of stock, you are likely to visit another store. The same thing is with online shops. But what if you start informing your clients about the date when the products come back to your shelves?  By clearly indicating when the items will be in stock, you double your chances to see the customers in your store again. This small, but very effective step will prevent your visitors from disappointment and demonstrate them your care and attention. Value not only your own time, but your customers’ as well.

To wisely restock your Magento products, use Pre Order tool.

Be careful with negative reviews.

O’K, it’s time to admit you can’t always please all your customers even if you do your best, working 24/7. Sometimes it happens that negative reviews appear on your pages. But don’t hurry up to edit them or remove (which is even worse). Treat them like priceless feedback and try out hard to “cover” such negative opinions with real positive reviews.

Don’t play hide-and-sick with your customers.

Make sure your contact info is properly placed at your pages. Customers need to know they will be able to easily contact you if any problems occur.

In this short article we’ve covered the most widespread mistakes of the online shop owners. You may think all these points are too obvious to discuss, but believe, even experienced e-commerce players may fall into the same trap again and again. So, it’s high time to examine your store right now.

Of course, this is not the complete list of the pitfalls you can knock against. And we’ll continue delivering you our tips and solutions in other articles. Stay tuned!