Hello to everyone!

Here’s Andrei, Amasty CEO. Today I’m here to give you some perspective of what we’ve done since our first M2 extension release and to share some plans we are ready to implement in the nearest future.

Ever since we had started making Magento 2 extensions, we created a roadmap to show the products we were currently developing. We have been updating the roadmap for several months, but after some period of time we realized that this idea wasn’t going to work as we expected.

Why a long-term roadmap is not working for us

As we announced the roadmap, our partners and affiliates also used this as a source of information about upcoming Magento 2 extensions.

The thing is, the market of Magento 2 extensions has become even more flexible and fast changing since the vendors started to throw in their new products en masse. Moreover, our audience is quite active and gives us a lot of feedback when it comes to required features and Magento 2 extensions.

Finally, we realized that our plans were so dynamic, that a roadmap page just can’t be a legit reference point for our partners and customers any more.

However, I’m not saying a roadmap isn’t important. It is. In our case, it doesn’t reflect the real process of making and updating our extensions. That’s why we’re removing it. Our current plans are to announce all the news and releases ex post.

Magento 2 extensions: where Amasty is

  • Since August 13, 2015 we created 61 Magento 2 extensions. This is roughly 3 extensions per month!
  • We’ve implemented 420 updates for Magento 2 extensions total so far, some of them brought new features, and some – various kinds of unseen improvements and fixes.
  • The team is really proud of how Magento 2 Layered Navigation has grown from a very simple tool with no admin features to a powerful and deeply customizable module. Our plan was to be the first to create a robust layered navigation tool for M2, just as we did with Improved Layered Navigation for M1, and we successfully implemented this plan.
  • We implemented a 50% discount for those who had purchased M1 extensions and want to switch to their M2 analogues.

Magento 2 extensions: our plans

This is the most important and the simplest part of my message. In short, our essential plans are to continue creating quality Magento 2 extensions, not only analogues of M1 modules, but also something new, such as M2 Multi Warehouse Inventory, which was built from scratch and wasn’t present on the list of our M1 tools.

That is pretty much it! Our goal is to release new tools and features on a regular basis to help merchants every single day of their job.

Other positive changes

In 2016-2017, we conducted several changes to make our products and services better for you:

  • We extended our team, and now we have more QA specialists, developers, and support managers. Since 2014, our team doubled! Now more than 40 people are working every day in Amasty family. This allowed us to deliver, update and support more products recently.
  • We’re extending our focus on providing quality support services. It goes not only to handling support requests, but also to providing our customers with better user guides and educational tutorials, so that they’ll be able to use our extensions to their most. Today, our support team handles more than 2,5K customer requests monthly.
  • We’ve overviewed our business processes and figured out the ways where we can be more effective. In particular, we’ve switched to another project management software and employed Agile methods in our work. This helped us to save administration resources and transfer them to products and services delivery.
  • We’ve been putting some time in education. Two Amasty team members have got certified by Magento recently. In total, we have 7 certified developers and a Magento Solution specialist, which lets us improve the quality of products.
  • Although we were always testing our extensions before launches and updates, our QA team has been working on a more centralized and sophisticated approach to make sure that the final product is as efficient as possible and that any current issues are addressed in shortest time.
  • We’ve put a great deal into product management to research for new features deeper both for the planned products and for the extensions updates. Thus, our products has become more feature-rich and mature.
  • And last but not least, we’re currently working on some positive changes of the support/updates policy, and we do hope you’ll like them!

Let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading this message! I do hope it gave you some useful info on where we’re heading right now.

The stage is yours – let us know what you think in the comments section, or send us a note about your feature suggestions, concerns or questions. We’d be happy to hear from you – as always!