Email to Customers | v1.0.9

compatibility CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x
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Keep in touch with customers on any issue with Email to Customers Magento extension. Create and send messages right from the page where you have an intention to do it.
Quick and simple newsletter tool
Great convenience in contacting customers
Send messages to a group of customers
Send emails to registered clients and guests
View history of sent messages
30 Days moneyback
50% Off updates
120 Days free support

Now there's an easy way to connect to customers in Magento

Great convenience in contacting customers

This Magento email extension has foreseen all variants of contact points with clients. It enables you to send messages to customers from customer grid, customer view, order grid and order view pages.

Send notifying emails from the order view page

For example, a customer's added a wrong shipping address, you can send a message notifying that the order can't be shipped until the customer provides the correct one. Or you can send a short memo to the customer reminding that the order will be delivered at certain time.

Send request emails from the customer information page

For example, a customer forgot to add his or her mobile number, you can send a request asking him to specify his mobile phone number.

Send messages to a group of customers filtered by some criteria

For example, the criteria might be 'order status'. It's very handy and time-saving, you don't need to create a newsletter or something similar. Just select all customers with a certain order status and send them the same message.

Create and send messages to as many customers as needed

This Magento mass email tool gives you an ability to send messages to unlimited number of clients.

Complete Magento email functionality

Messages can be sent to both registered and guest customers

Many users don't like to sign up, it's a known fact. If you force customers to register, you lose part of them. With the Magento newsletter extension you have an ability to easily contact customers no matter if they are registered or not.

History of sent messages

The history is stored for each order and for each customer account. You can view it on order view and customer view pages respectively.

Use order and customer-related variables in messages

Thanks to this feature you'll never make a mistake in your messages. Just use one of needed order or customer-related variables and appropriate data will be added to the message.

Now in Magento you can send email to customers right from:

  • Order list and order view pages
  • Customer list and customer view pages

As you can see to send email in Magento has never been easier.

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Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

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General Questions

How can I pay for Amasty extensions?

You can pay for our extensions in any convenient for you way as a full range of payment methods are supported. The most common means are credit card or PayPal. Security and fraud protection are guaranteed.

What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Amasty extensions?

Our license allows you to use a single extension license on one Magento installation.

Extension is not domain related, but installation related. If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use one extension license. However if you run each website on a new installation of Magento, you need separate license for each of them.

The full end-user license agreement is located here:

How to install Magento extension by Amasty?

Each Amasty extension pack includes module files, an installation guide, a user guide and license text. Depending on the extension you purchase, there also may be import files which can be used by you as examples.

Amasty extensions are easy to install. All you need is to have FTP/SSH access details, and follow 3 steps to complete.

  • Unpack a "zip" file you download.
  • Upload all files from the "Step 1" and then from the "Step 2" folders to the root folder of your Magento installation.
  • Clear the cache.

If you are using code compilation, before installing the extension it's necessary to disable it! After you install, click the "Run Compilation Process" button in Admin - System - Tools - Compilation to recompile.

Please also check the extensions installation video guide:

Still unsure? Have complicated configurations or a lot of modules? We can offer professional installation service as well!

Can I test an Amasty extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?

Yes, you can install any Amasty extension on a test site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store.

Can I get a refund if an extension doesn’t suit me?

Absolutely. Amasty provides a 30-day money back guarantee. No risks for you.

Will I get any other benefits?

Yes! The good news is that every Amasty customer becomes a member of our Loyalty Program and can get a discount of up to 15%. You can find more information about it on the Program page. This is our way to thank you for being our client.

Utilissima, consigliata
Perfetto aiuto per comunicare ai clienti info degli ordini anche in modo massivo. Non ci sono estensioni del genere oltre questa. Il supporto pre vendita e post vendita è il top. Amasty lavora molto bene. Super consigliata.
Utilissima, consigliata
Perfetto aiuto per comunicare ai clienti info degli ordini anche in modo massivo. Non ci sono estensioni del genere oltre questa. Il supporto pre vendita e post vendita è il top. Amasty lavora molto bene.
Super consigliata.
Nice tool to stay in touch
This module was a real find for me. It’s absolutely necessary tool for shop-owners who want to make e-mail marketing really work.
Mailing usually takes a lot of time and preparation. I think it’s one of the hardest parts when setting up sales or special events. It’s nice to have a simple tool to automate this process; saves manager’s time, effort and nerves. Also I see real results with this module, it surely does help to attract more traffic.
There were some compatibility issues with my other magento extensions. It’s not so often when something works just out of the box. Support team was truly responsive and helpful; they tuned everything up very quickly. Thanks, guys!
This tool has made my magento life a whole lot easier. A small piece of advice for Amasty: please, update the plugin and make it friendly to other extensions and custom themes.
a must have
Kind a must have I'd say
Easily manages massive letter sending
This is the easiest way ever to get in touch with your customers. The extension enables to send letters to a group of customers informing them about the upcoming deals and events. Quality tool for your online shop.
Saves a lot of time
Since I installed this module, I've never had any issues with it. Everything works pretty well and my managers quickly send hundreds emails each month this the help of this easy-to-use extension. I'm totally satisfied with it!

Magento Support
Allows to send messages from everywhere
The option of sending messages from different pages wherever you are seems to be a great thing. As soon as I see that something is wrong with I send the message to clients immediately.
Effective and fast
We've been looking for an effective newsletter tool for mass letter sending. This one seems to be the most convenient and easy-to-use. It really does what it promises.

Great tool for my shop
easily helps to stay in touch with all your customers, woks well and helps to save tons of my managers' time!
Exactly what I needed
I'm totally satisfied with this extension. I installed it a week ago and everything functions as it should. No bugs, no problems - neat and easy to use.
Jim Parker
Real Bargain!
Not only the extension saves a lot of precious time it even sends the notifications and messages to unregistered customers! I've been using it not so long but still haven't noticed any bugs or issues.

Magento Connect
Something I was looking for!
The module is something I have been looking for for so long! Thank you! You are saving so much time that we now spend efficiently, but before we would have to write bunches of e-mails!


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Version 1.0.9 - January 21, 2016
– Fix for tab access permissions
Version 1.0.8 - October 28, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
Version 1.0.7 - January 20, 2014
– Possibility to edit sender and template text.
Version 1.0.6 - November 26, 2013
– Fixed redirect to list of customers when send email to one customer.
Version 1.0.3 - January 18, 2011
– Ability to use email template, which can be set on per store basis in the configuration, by default it is app\locale\en_US\template\email\amasty_email_to_customers.html
– Now you can send emails from the customer view and order view pages.
– New tabs with sent emails history, both on customer view and order view pages.
Version 1.0.1 - May 03, 2010
– Magento 1.4 compatibity.